The ten big men in black suits behind Chen Geng have taken off their suit jackets,Showing the holster under the armpit……Although no one took the gun out and held it in his hand,But this is silent deterrence:I know seeing so much money in front of me,Many people are jealous、Heart moved,But whoever is not afraid of death, just come up and try。

Chen Geng finally put the money on the table and wiped his sweat,Then he sighed:“Don’t say,Really tired,It seems that moving money is also a very hard job……”
The audience at the scene and in front of the TV heard the urge to burst into tears:Hard to move money?Hard work?Thank you for giving me the money,I promise not to feel hard,I not only don’t feel hard,I can still run fast with the money……
“Gary·Mr. Kilidare、Gordon·Mr. Bell、James·Nicholas·Mr. Gray……”Shouting tenWindows 2.0After the core backbone of operating system development,Chen Geng with a smile:“Gentlemen,Please come up and get the money,The bonus per person is30Ten thousand U.S. dollars。”
PS:Bros,sorry,I know that in terms of my character,I’m afraid no matter what I explain, no one will believe it,and so……So explain,Baby is sick,The kind that is sick in line,The eldest is not well and the second is sick again,Must be hospitalized,Blood test result,Boss white blood cell value26.57,The second child is30.08,And the normal range is3.69-13.0,Please forgive me brothers,Because taking care of two sick babies at the same time,Really don’t have time to write,Fortunately, the boss’s illness is basically healed,Hang the water for the last time today,So thousands of years can squeeze some time to code words。
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First813chapter Bloom gradually
1000Ten thousand U.S. dollars!
In front of the American audience,Was sent to his employees by Chen Geng,The most people got it30Ten thousand U.S. dollars,Even Sweeper got it3Ten thousand U.S. dollars……Yes,It’s the sweeping mother,When I learned that even the sweeping mother got a bonus of 30,000 US dollars,The American tech world is crazy!
Don’t think how profitable it is to make software these years,In any industry,Those who make money are always in the minority,For example, in the web world,Don’t look at those top gods who have hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars in manuscript fees a month,But countless lowercase letters are still making every month3000Yuan of manuscript fees and even full-time guarantee and staying up late……
Same in the software industry,Don’t look at the data research company sold in a month50More than ten thousand setswindows2.0,Net profit exceeds2000Ten thousand U.S. dollars,But the United States doesn’t know how many software companies there are、The computer company has no sales for a year3Ten thousand U.S. dollars,That is to say, their annual sales are not as much as the bonus that the sweeping mother from the data research company received,I don’t know if those code dogs who saw this scene will immediately vomit blood.……
before this,Don’t talk about the tech industry,Even the industrial and energy industries, which are known as the backbone of the U.S. economy, do not have such a big hand。w?ena`com
Seems to be pulling a bit far,In short,The next day,Chen Genghao throw1000Ten thousand dollars to send bonus messages to their employees,Completely detonated the American media!
newspaper、Television and radio stations and other media platforms have given heavy reports on Chen Geng’s massive work without exception.,They tell the people what a great wealth this is.……

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