Qilin look at Rui Mengmeng next to her,A girl who hasn’t grown up yet,Look at Xin Zhao who is looking forward to,Nod to him“I go!”

Xin Zhao and Qilin sat directly opposite Ge Xiaolun,I have to say that this guy Ge Xiaolun is really infatuated,Facing such a beautiful girl like Qilin,I don’t even care about it。
“Ge Xiaolun, right??”Talking,Xin Zhao directly took out his credentials,put it on the table。
Ge Xiaolun looked at his ID,Then raised his head suddenly“Where’s that Xiaowei?”
For Ge Xiaolun at this time,There is nothing more important than Qiangwei。
Xin Zhao sighed,Some helpless and sad eyes“Ge Xiaolun,Actually, I think you and Qiangwei are a match made in heaven,But now Qiangwei has her own mission,And this mission is dangerous,She doesn’t want to delay you,So let me talk to you,You go find another person,She’s not your destiny!”
“and many more,Keep me repeating!”Ge Xiaolun heard Xin Zhao say so,Raise your hand to interrupt,Then remembered。
‘This is Qiangwei’s teammate,He said we are not suitable,See the woman next to him is closer than Qiangwei,Should be his object,In other words, Qiangwei should still be single,I still have a chance,As for the danger,We have super powers now,What are you afraid of!’
“That one,This gentleman,For Qiangwei’s work,Can i know?”
Xin Zhao shook his head“Sorry,National secret,And it’s very dangerous,The kind that will die if you are not careful,I don’t know when he will die on the battlefield in the future,Will you fall in love with the heroic warrior who fought for her?!”
“What did you say,Fight for her,I can too,I have super powers,strong,Thief fight,And I’m still stunned!”I heard that Qiangwei might like others,Ge Xiaolun said excitedly。
Qilin look at Xin Zhao by her side,If it weren’t for Xin Zhao to grab her arm hard from below,At this moment Qilin wanted to turn around and left。
Look at this way of speaking,Don’t fool Ge Xiaolun。
“Things you have super powers,we know,It’s just that this kind of thing is too dangerous,For your safety,This dangerous thing,Let someone else come。
Rest assured!

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