although,Not confirmed,The sword in front of me,It’s the Zhanlu sword in history,But everyone looks at the sharpness of the sword,And the text on the hilt,I guess there should be nothing wrong。

“According to records,This sword should have a scabbard。unfortunately,Scabbard not found。”Hu Yang said。
legend,This is a gentleman’s sword,Quiet and kind,Never show off at will。But Zhan Lu got out of the sheath,But invincible,Cut iron like mud。
It symbolizes benevolence and morality,Ou Yezi cast this sword back then,Even stroking the sword and crying,Lamenting that I finally completed a magic weapon in my life,A sword that is extremely sharp without the slightest murderous intent。
“This sword,It should be very valuable?”Ye Ping couldn’t help asking。
Populus nodded,Then shook his head again:“Very precious,But how much is it worth,Nobody knows,May be difficult to measure by price。This sword,Not inferior to Goujian in value,Even higher。Goujian,Has long been a national first-class cultural relic,Forbidden to leave the country。”
Such national treasures,No one put it out for auction,So I don’t know how much it is worth。
“Ancient sword,The auction market also appeared,Ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions。This Zhan Lu sword,And the Goujian sword we mentioned earlier,I think we can refer to the value of world famous swords。
For example, the royal golden saber of the god of war Napoleon,Was photographed650Ten thousand dollars。
Famous knife series,There are also very high auction records in China,For example, Emperor Qianlong once ordered the Office of Internal Affairs to design and produce the sky、Ground、Golden peach sheath waist knife of the human series。
that90The waist knife has been made since the thirteenth year of Qianlong,It was not finally completed in the 60th year of Qianlong,Before and after4Batch,Duration47year。among them,Thirty knives made of golden peach skin sheath,They are Tianzi No. 1 to Tianzi No. 30。
Most of them are stored in the Forbidden City,And there is only a No.17 Proton waist knife in the market.,But it’s such a knife,in2012It was sold at the Guardian Autumn Auction4830Ten thousand yuan price。”
The sky-high price of nearly fifty million?This refreshed everyone’s understanding of the value of ancient famous swords and knives。
In other words,The thirty Tianzi size waist knives made by Qianlong,It’s worth almost 1.5 billion?
Ye Ping’s parents were stunned,Especially Ye Ping’s mother。At the beginning,When the girl introduced Xiao Hu to her,Just say that Xiao Hu Yue earns over 100 million,She thinks this is pure bragging。
but,Now it seems,Which is one or two treasures,For Xiao Hu,Not difficult。
When luck comes,Met two or three such national treasures,You can make a monthly income of over 100 million at any time, right??Terrible!
unfortunately!unfortunately!I don’t know which girl to be cheaper。

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