“amount.”Qiao Tianyu was so shocked that his face was full of black lines,Looking awkwardly in the direction of Michelle’s fingers。

As a result, Qiao Tianyu saw almost exactly the same scene as before,A 30-story building is also brightly lit。
And through the floor-to-ceiling windows of that building,You can see crowded heads and busy figures in every office,It’s totally out of touch with the world still immersed in sleep。
Here too busy?what’s the situation?
“This.”Qiao Tianyu looked at Michelle in disbelief,I want to get the answer from Michelle。
“Waiting!”Michelle is not too busy explaining to Qiao Tianyu,Another kick of the accelerator took Qiao Tianyu into the air“fly”Went out。
The next hour,Qiao Tianyu spent all the stops in the red Ferrari supercar。
But the situation is almost the same as the two buildings just now,Every high-rise building where Michelle stops is full of fire,Busy look。
And those high-rise buildings have one common characteristic without exception,That is, they are all financial investment institutions of fund management companies!
After reading the dozens of busy financial investment institutions,Michelle finally parked the car at a house24Next to the open-air seaside cafe open hours,Can’t wait to get the waiter on3Large cup of American black coffee,Gurgled it all down。
Qiao Tianyu understands that she is using strong coffee to forcibly refresh herself,It seems these sisters,Really tired。
Wait until Michelle finishes filling all three cups of black coffee,Straighten out the qi,Qiao Tianyu dared to speak now,Tentatively asked。
“Michelle,What happened to the dozens of financial investment institutions that you showed me just now?They worked overtime all night,Too abnormal,I’m afraid something big will happen in the British Virgin Islands recently.?”
After Michelle finished the three cups of coffee,Obviously recovered a lot,The whole person came back alive。

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