“Mr. Xu Zihao,I want to report a game account by real name!Just now,We all saw a character named Bashen Aotian,There are two special rings on his number,There are also exaggerated perverted equipment。

And this person rarely goes online,So I have good reason to doubt,He is a despicable hack!or,He has some kind of equipmentBUG,Such people have caused huge losses for the legendary game,I am here to file a formal complaint with the official!”
This remark,Uproar。
No one thought,Niu Qiuye’s counterattack will be used here!
In front of the legendary official executives,Direct complaint to Bashen Aotian,This is forcing the official to seal the other party’s account!
“And I personally think,This person had a great influence on the fairness of the legendary game,Indirectly achieved huge economic losses,I hope the legendary official can sue the court,Severe punishment。”
Niu Qiuye said,Looking at Lu Menglin triumphantly,The face is covered with the expression of steady victory coupons。
He made this matter public,Is forcing the executives of the game company not to ignore this,And as long as the game official comes forward,Bashen Aotian, this kid is not only accounted
seal,Even people have to be prosecuted,With compensation for economic losses。
Even Miss Zheng didn’t expect Niu Qiuye to come up suddenly,She was still hesitating,Those pieces of equipment of Tyrant Aotian are really eye-popping,And it’s very important for strengthening the guild’s strength,I have to find a way to get it over。
Unexpectedly, Niu Qiuye directly reported Tyrant Aotian to the official,I thought about it all for nothing now,Account blocked,It’s a pity those pieces of top equipment。
For a time,All the eyes of the audience focused on Lu Menglin’s body。
Members of the Cold Moon Guild looked sympathetically,I didn’t expect Brother Aqiu to be so cruel,Completely ignore the loss of the guild,Just smash this。
Su Xuehen and Leng Yuexue were also taken aback,The former quietly looked at Bashen Aotian with some worry,See him look as usual,I finally feel a little relieved。
Leng Yuexue frowned and said angrily:“what!I don’t know how long it took to get this equipment,You said it was hacking!The evidence?There is no evidence to sue you for defamation。”
Brother Aqiu grinned dryly:“The evidence is his number!Why did he get all those good equipment??The official check the data and you will know。”
At this moment,Brother Hao finally followed everyone’s eyes,Noticed the existence of Lu Menglin。
At first sight of Lu Menglin,Brother Hao’s face changed immediately。
This is how Li Gui met Li Kui,I was so scared to be careful。

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