The voice has not fallen,Lu Menglin raised the muzzle,At the supernatural light curtain on the steps,Bang bang bang,Fired three shots in a row。

When the first bullet is shot out of the barrel,Hit the light curtain at high speed after electromagnetic charging,And there was a loud noise,Almost everyone present was taken aback。
Because they have never seen this weapon,It looks a lot shorter than a crossbow arrow,But able to launch projectiles。
clang!The first electromagnetic bullet hit the light curtain in front of Elder Yi Yi,Made a crisp sound。
then,Everyone saw it,The warhead was blocked by the light curtain,Hovering in the void。
Followed by,Two clangs again,Two bullets fired behind,Still blocked from the light curtain。
And that magical golden light mask,Have not been affected in any way,At most, the energy in it has a very slight ripple。
obviously,Projectiles fired by this weapon,Although the kinetic energy generated is good,But its power is not enough to penetrate the magic golden light cover!
There was an exclamation all around,Immediately there was a sigh。
In the eyes of everyone,Master Wuhao’s outrageous shooting action,Just in vain,Meaningless struggle。
In this world,Finally still powerful,The capable person has the final say,Want to commit the following,Use one’s own body to move those big people,It’s too hard。
“cut!Why am I so amazing?!Turned out to be a toy!”Zhao Changqing laughed on the spot。
He just suffered a loss in Long Zhanye,Now I finally find a chance to vent。

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