Kurosaki Kamura seems to be confident,After all, he is also a saint-level strength,In fact, this time he just wanted to test whether the leader of the deserted person still asked the gods。

After all, there are rumors that these years because the leader of the deserted people is stunned,Indulgence,It is said that his realm cultivation base is actually much worse than before,Naturally, Kurosaki Kamura, who has been staring at the position of the leader, is eager to move.。
If it is the leader of my own family,Really as the rumors say,This is really an opportunity,I took advantage of this opportunity,Take down the position of the leader in one fell swoop。
So at this time, Kurosaki Kamura,Staring at the leader of the deserted man with scorching eyes,And now he,Spinning in my mind,Weighing the pros and cons of this matter。
Kurosaki Kamura has seen such a long time,The leader of the desert did not answer his own question,Did not promise to go,Or don’t go,So at this time, Heiqi Shenliang has some conclusions about this matter.。
At the end, the leader of the deserted man gritted his teeth,He took a scorching look at Kurosaki Kamura,Coldly squeezed a few words out of his mouth:
“Since General Kurosaki,So concerned about the situation of this seat,Also cherish my desolate people,Why not do this first,First, General Heiqi will come forward,See if I can handle that guy。”
“If General Heiqi can’t handle it,Let’s start again,After all, my identity is here,If you go out at will,Will reduce my identity as a barren person。”
Black spirit,Heard the leader of the desert,so,It was also taken aback,But then he complained again,At this time, he never thought that this incident was actually shooting himself in the foot。
Never expected,The leader of the desert is like this,Come here,Push this thing to yourself without leaving a trace。
Because this matter was brought up by Kurosaki Kamura himself,If he didn’t do it after he brought it up,That will definitely be criticized。
At this moment, Hei Qi Shenliang took a breath,For that scary guy,He really doesn’t want to face it,If it is possible,He would rather never face that horrible guy all his life。
The leader of Huangren looked at Heiqi Shenliang’s forehead with a dense layer of sweat.,The corners of the mouth were slightly raised,Evokes a playful smile:

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