But when the saint of the blood race absorbed all the grievances here,,Here comes back to life。

At this time, Xia Chenglong also raised his head to look at the saint of blood,There is a complicated look in the eyes。
The blood saint didn’t stay here much,I just walked away and left here,And after she leaves,Xia Chenglong is only faintly at this time,Said to these nine dragons:“Do you say she will come back?”
None of them spoke,In the end, Long Da slowly said to Xia Chenglong:“Saint of blood,Believable,This is well known to everyone in Honghuang,Another saint of the blood race was also a saint before,The means she can use,Not a lot,If you really want to leave,You can’t keep her。”
Xia Chenglong’s heart moved,Put away the Dragon Yin Sword,Obviously Long Da’s words made him very unhappy,Very unhappy,But he has to admit that Long Da’s words are correct。
And now,There seems to be a brand new door opening for Xia Chenglong,That is a whole new world,It’s also a whole new level,He had never understood before,But now he understands,But I’m quite happy to learn about this。
But then comes a worry,A deep concern,Because he is a little scared,Looking at this situation right now, the characters in the ancient times are recovering.,Now there is a vague idea of coming into the world,If it’s true,If something happens then,With these current cultivation bases,There is simply no way to protect Dahua。
Xia Chenglong sighed heavily when he thought of this,Then helplessly shook his head。
Baiyun Canggu,The ups and downs of the world are unpredictable。
Xia Chenglong’s few days in a row,Finally came to the place where he came to the sky。
In fact, the most powerful part of this Dragon Yin Sword is not only its invincibility,But this dragon sword,The fourth among the sword souls is the law of space,Whether it’s to the outside world or the outside world,The laws of space are extremely thorough。
That’s why this Dragon Yin Sword can break through the barriers,In fact, it’s because of the fourth law of space。
Xia Chenglong poured his spiritual power into the Dragon Yin Sword,The Dragon Yin Sword at this time exudes a milky white light,Looks very dazzling,Eye-catching。
At this time, Xia Chenglong just moved forward so gently,Then at this moment I only saw these spaces in front of him,There are waves of spatial ripples,It’s like throwing a small stone into the water,One stone stirs up thousands of waves。

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