Actually before this,Chen Geng also thought about letting Toyota and Mazda helpAMCOEM business,Because of the happy relationship before,Chen Geng also considered giving this extra order to Dongying Automobile Company for production.,But the problem is,Not to mention that Japanese car companies during this period are in a period of rapid expansion,How much production capacity can I OEM for myself,Even if they have enough capacity,Chen Geng is not willing to use his own money to feed these little Japan。

Jack at the moment·Welch talked about it,Chen Geng pondered,Finally nodded:“can,Go talk to Dongying people,See their meaning and OEM requirements,If they have enough sincerity,We can give them part of the production capacity,But if Dongying people use this to make some excessive demands……”
“impossible?The cooperation between us and Dongying Enterprise has always been very pleasant,”To Chen Geng,Jack·Welch was surprised:“Do you think Dongying people will take this opportunity to put forward some excessive conditions?”
“Ok,Very likely。”Chen Geng nodded。
Jack·Welch didn’t believe it,I think my boss is exaggerating,Dongying people are very well-behaved and polite,Always rightAMCVery polite,How could I take this opportunity to make excessive demands?But he was wise and said nothing……After I have negotiated the foundry contract,The result will prove yourself correct。
“The amount of foundry that Dongying can free up for us will not be much,I think it will not exceed50%,As for the remaining capacity gap……”Chen Geng looks at Jack·Welch,Said:“Do you think it is possible for us to rent two Ford factories?”
“Rent Ford’s Factory?!”
Jack·Welch was frightened by his own boss’s almost whimsical thoughts,So that he is a little bit uncomfortable:“This this this this this……how is this possible?”
Yes,AsAMCCEO of,Jack·Welch knows the situation at Ford:Since the outbreak of the oil crisis,Ford’s situation is similar to GM,Keep going downhill,Market share is decreasing year by year,According to the situation announced by Ford just this month,Last month, Ford’s operating rate hit the most recent20Year low:insufficient53%。
Ford’s current situation is indeed a bit miserable,But it’s like the saying that the boss often says,A lean camel is bigger than a horse,As North America、It is also the world’s second largest car manufacturer,Ford Ken givesAMCFoundry?
Ford does not shame?
Bill·Mr. Ford’s shameless?!
“Try again,”Chen Geng talked about Yahuazi:“It’s a curse,And I don’t want to see GM too awkward。”
Jack·Welch was speechless for a while:You are still thinking about being with Roger·Smith’s bet?
But it doesn’t matter,Since the boss is willing to take the initiative,What else can I say?He nodded:“I wait for your good news。”

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