Just talking,Yang Weiguo is back,Followed by Zhuang Jianjun。

“Big brother?”
“what,I come to you,You didn’t come back from work……Jianjun is here too。”Yang Weidong didn’t know why he was a little flustered,“If you have something, I’ll go back first。”
He said he left in a hurry,Yang Weiguo looked at the closed door in confusion,“Brother is coming?”
“I said I was talking to you?”Tao Zhenzhen doesn’t know,Say hello to Zhuang Jianjun,“You are too late,It’s dark in this room,It will tire your eyes。”
“Nothing,There is no time during the day!”
Tao Zhenzhen deliberately approached and took a look when the two were studying,Zhuang Jianjun reads junior high school textbooks,Yang Weiguo is from high school。
It seems,It’s not without reason that Teacher Huang favors Yang Weiguo,This person is indeed smart。
At dinner,The old lady announced Yang Weidong’s marriage,Everyone is surprised。
Tao Zhenzhen felt a lot of gazes looking at him,Somewhat speechless,“What do you guys see me for?Don’t you think I still miss him?How sick I must be,I have to be very sick。”
She turned to the old lady,The eyes of the old lady are the most direct,The most obvious meaning of looking,“do not worry,I don’t want you to give me away,Don’t look at me with such suspicion。”
Her quick words made Shi Yuqing and others bow their heads embarrassedly,Yang Weidong’s eyes are difficult to understand,Yang Weiguo can’t laugh or cry,Can this woman stop talking like this?
but,She speaks so bluntly,It makes those with nasty thoughts go silent,Watching the old lady and Yang Weidong stunned,He feels very happy!

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