Xiao Wu suffocated to death,When did I counsel,For so many years, no one has ever said that he is counseling,I heard it today,And still a woman。

“what’s the topic,So lively?”Just when this chat is about to go on,Su Ruong and Qin Yan also walked in。
“You really have a tacit understanding。”See Su Ruong Qin Yan,When I walked in in exactly the same clothes,Qin Feng completely understood,This is clearly negotiated。
No wonder Jiang Yan goes to work,He asked Tang Rou to come home to fetch her this dress,But Qin Feng never knew when they were,Got one of these clothes alone。
“Su Rou,Qin Yan, you guys are here too,Didn’t Ferryn come with you??”Xiaowu looked around,No shadow of film,Then asked。
“She said she had never participated in this kind of competition,So not coming。”Su Rou casually said。
“how about it?”Qin Feng looked at Su Rou and asked。
“pretty good,Very harmonious。”Su Rou said with a smile。
“Worked hard。”Qin Feng
Nodded,Not saying anything,Actually even if you don’t say,Everyone knows,Su Rou is currently able to accept film,It’s all for Qin Feng。
before,The Seven Kills Team under the leadership of Qin Feng,Between members of the group,No matter what happens,Or what happened,Never do harm to each other,Or something to exclude,Otherwise no matter who it is,Must leave the seven kills。
It’s been so many years,Although the seven kills were disbanded,But everyone has a belief in their hearts,That is unity。

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