Patriarch Tu looks like enjoying himself,at last,He can use these powers as he wishes,If you can absorb them all,Then you can dominate the entire Great China。

Just when the other party is enjoying the wonderful process,A flash of lightning,Go directly to Tu Cancan,Hold woman with one hand,The other arm swept towards those spirit beads。
Patriarch Tu didn’t make a move,Watching the light and shadow take away those spirit beads。
This person must be Xia Chenglong,This woman is a friend,It must be shot at this moment,Get something,Retreat quickly and get away from the opponent,Then put the woman on the ground。
“Hey,How are you,All right?”
Anyway,They are also friends,If you don’t save it at this time, it’s too much。
Tu Cancan opened his eyes with difficulty,Just now,I feel her body is completely emptied,I even felt like I was dead for a while。
“You shouldn’t have come!”
Xia Chenglong let the other party rest assured,Leave the rest to him!
Get up,Two eyes meet completely。
Two coercive forces are moving towards each other at the same time,The artistic conception of ink and black and red collided in an instant,So that the empty hall itself was instantly occupied。
The power of the strong,King’s breath,This is the oppression of the top feeling。
Xia Chenglong may not be the opponent’s opponent in terms of aura,Doesn’t mean he is in the mood,I’m going to lose to the opponent in momentum。
This is a change of heart,Weak doesn’t mean we have to be afraid,So he dare to face each other。

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