Liu Chunlan asked Li’s mother to prepare dinner,Xiao Fan told Liu Chunlan that he had a party at night,Can’t have dinner at home,Liu Chunlan didn’t say anything,But also very considerate to let him go to work on his own。

Lin Yuna is not upset either,Xiao Fan spent a short vacation with her,Lin Yoona is already very satisfied,When you love someone enough,I feel very happy if I give something。
Xiao Fan touched Lin Yoona’s head,Say hello to Liu Chunlan and Lin Feng and leave,Actually he wants to see Shen Lin,After all, accept the new base,A lot to do,So Xiao Fan plans to go see。
have to say,Xiao Fan is really good to Shen Lin,Shen Lin didn’t expect Xiao Fan to send Lin Yun’er home and help him,Shen Lin doesn’t believe it。
When Xiao Fan came to the new base,Shen Lin is choosing to find these people,After all,So Shen Lin watched it by himself,Xiao Fan took it seriously when he came。
Saw Xiao Fan coming,Shen Lin stood up,Xiao Fan waved his hand for him to sit down,Xiao Fan took the information and turned two pages,Shen Lin’s vision is good。
These people,All good seedlings,Can be cultivated well,The future will be Shen Lin’s right hand man,Actually, the new base Xiao Fan doesn’t plan to intervene too much,Mainly to Shen Lin。
This time I just came here to see if he can take this responsibility,Now it seems,Shen Lin did a good job,Will do well in the future,Xiao Fan nodded in satisfaction。
Shen Lin and Xiao Fan asked a few questions,Xiao Fan didn’t give a clear answer,Xiao Fan is basically pointing,Fortunately, Shen Lin is more clever,Just one click,Xiao Fan said a little and he knew what to do next。
Actually everyone’s thoughts are constantly changing,Before, Shen Lin only wanted to work with Xiao Fan,Like a bodyguard and an assistant,But now he wants to manage the base better,Because he knows this can help Xiao Fan more。
Xiao Fan has never organized his own assets,But he can be sure,He is the richest man in the world,But he doesn’t care about these,Maybe because I have more,So I feel nothing,That’s so arrogant。
Xiao Fan is relieved to see that Shen Lin can handle the work well,Ready to leave without thinking,Before he left, he told Shen Lin that he couldn’t help but ask Su Ran and Yiming for help.,Shen Lin smiled and said yes。

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