“Really miserable,I lost one idol。”Hu Yang said。

I have seen everyone with puzzled eyes,Populus Introduction:“The five idols in the middle,Are the five stars of heaven,Zhongdou Zhongling Wuji Tianzun、Xidoute Xuantian Dao Tianzun、Big Dipper Nine Emperors Blessing Star、Nandou Liusi Yanshou Xingjun and Dongdou Yansheng Yilu Tianzun。
And on both sides,Is Si Ling,Actually also called Xingjun,There are four,But here only three,I didn’t see the statue of Xuanwu Xingjun in the north。”
Everyone suddenly,No wonder,This Taoist temple is called Xingjun Guan,Enshrines are all Xingjun。
Really miserable,I lost one idol。
“what is this?”Xiao Gao sees the wall on the left,Hanging a pair of three-finger wide signs,The brand is wooden,Engraved,And together,It’s actually a butterfly。
Chapter 318 Idol rental
Populus take it,Glanced:“Marriage Order,This kind of thing is rare,And usually only appear in Yuelao Temple,Obviously,Not here。
Ok!This carving is good,Camphor wood,And it was made by Mu Xin。unfortunately,Didn’t play much,Can’t see any pack。A few thousand yuan!
a while,You can ask the Taoist priest,Spend some money to buy it,Very suitable for you。This Taoist temple is so miserable,I don’t bother to make any money。”
Xiao Gao listened,Happy,I picked it up baby。
Xiaowen was surprised,I know Xiao Gao followed Picking Po yesterday,It is estimated to have made more than one hundred and two hundred thousand,But what’s the matter,she does not know,So I was curious today,Follow along。

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