Seeing that it won’t take long for an army or a large army of detectives to arrive,He can only grit his teeth,And then forced to make an act of death。In other words,He doesn’t resist Qiao Wei’s attack,But plan to use an attack against Qiao Wei。Once the attacks on both sides are implemented,Those two are definitely not dead and seriously injured。

Qiao Wei’s habit of learning for many years, seeing such a method, of course he instinctively changes to resist。I heard it under one movesThe sound of a broken arm came from Mr.。
But the same
Kind of,He and Qiao Wei left the distance after just one move。
sWith the strength of this rebound, Mr. turned and fled。
At this time, even if Qiao Wei wants to chase,I’m afraid it’s hard to catch up。After all in comparison,sThe husband is more familiar with the surrounding environment than Qiao Wei who came out of the mountains。
So in the end Qiao Wei just turned his head and looked at Qin Feng,Show a helpless smile。
“Nothing,Go back with me。It’s okay to meet your son!”For this result,Qin Feng didn’t make any demands,After all, for him,This codesThe man died last,But it won’t be a pity if you can’t keep him。
After all, Qin Feng believes,Someday,I can personally collect the people from Skynet,And obviously the opponent is just a little pawn beater。Haven’t received the attention of Skynet’s big guys。
To know the relative,Zhang Family Patriarch was actually cleaned up like this,This shows that the other party should have mastered many secrets of Skynet,Because of exposure,That’s why it caused such a disaster。
of course,What Qin Feng wants to know most now is if Zhang Qiang learns that his father was cleared by Skynet people,What kind of attitude will that be??
Will you just go crazy??Or,Zhang Zhibin’s death,Actually has something to do with Zhang Qiang?
Naturally, these guesses cannot be verified,Because until now,No one knows where Zhang Qiang has gone。Logically,After Zhang Qiang walked out of the meeting room,The intelligence personnel in the capital should be staring at this person.。

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