“Inside this seed,What kind of thing is hiding?”Lu Menglin became more curious,Secretly。

For this kind of things beyond cognition,Lu Menglin dare not open it in the earth world,But here,In this new plane,But there is no psychological barrier。
Lu Menglin’s spiritual power is continuously injected into“Lord of Destruction”Among the seeds,But the seeds have not changed for a long time,Seed skin is still crumpled,It’s like an extreme water shortage。
The mental power in the brain is sucked out like opening a gate to release a flood,Soon bottomed out,Lu Menglin’s mind was dizzy,Didn’t feel a headache,Instead, they become more and more numb and dull。
Lu Menglin is alert,Know this situation is dangerous,More terrifying than severe pain,Because it shows that my body is gradually losing consciousness。
but,Mental power cannot be cut off,Been sucked by seeds,Lu Menglin was shocked,If this keeps going,I’m afraid I connect my soul and consciousness,It’s all going to be absorbed。
Although Lu Menglin’s mental power is very strong,Almost No. 1 on Earth,But it doesn’t mean that his mental power is endless,Continue to suck at this rate,At most just a stick of incense,There will never be another person like Lu Menglin in this world,Only a hollow body remains。
did not expect,Turning on the seed of the king of destruction is so dangerous,This greedy sucking force is too domineering。
Lu Menglin knows that this will disappear and the other will rise,I will only get weaker,Must cut off the spiritual connection with the seed,Immediately,immediately!
time flies,The time has come to have to make a choice in an instant。
Lu Menglin gritted his teeth fiercely,Subconsciously within the sea of knowledge,Exploded with a spirit。
boom!The whole brain is blank,Strong pain hits,Like ten thousand needles piercing the brain at the same time。
Lu Menglin finally tasted the taste of mental self-destruction,In the past, mental power was sent into the enemy’s brain to explode,Today is finally my turn。
Under this explosion,Lu Menglin’s sea of knowledge is in chaos,The spiritual connection with the seed is finally cut off,Was cut along with this spiritual bond,There is also a part of Lu Menglin’s own mental power。

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