And in another villa in this villa area,Sitting leisurely, a handsome looking,Elegant man。

Holding a glass of Lafite,After shaking gently,I took a sip in my mouth。
“How about Rooney,Should this game be over??”The talking man shook the glass in his hand,While saying。
“Congratulations to Prince Lowry,I think we can prepare for the next game。”The man who just spoke,Also the Prince Lori from Rooney,He assassinated Jiang Yan this time
The person in charge of the action。
Listen to the names of the two,I don’t know, I thought it was American,But it seems that they are human,I just took a foreign name。
“Haha,This time, let those who want to collect my body shut up.,I just said why a woman is so troublesome,So does your master,And let Huizi go out in person,I’m so embarrassed。”
Prince Lori said as if he had a good deal。
Smile on the corner of the mouth,But I can’t hide my pride。
“Prince Lowry,I’ll see you outside,The master said,After the mission,I’ll marry Huizi to you,Send her this time,It’s also for the prince to enter Wenrouxiang in advance。”Speaking of Rooney holding up his glass to cater to Prince Lowry’s glass。
“Don’t worry about this moment,I want her to be my lover willingly。”A light flashed in Lori’s eyes,Is the kind that is about to get**,The feeling that makes people look scared。
“prince,There is something I don’t know when to ask?”Rooney said cautiously。
“Just ask,Just ask,This prince is happy today,Ask anything。”Lowry apparently already knew,What does Rooney want to ask,But he doesn’t seem to care。
“All of us know,Keiko looks very ugly,No one understands,Why did Prince Lori choose to make her a lover??”Rooney does not hide,Directly asked the question in my mind。
“Hahaha,ugly?That’s what you haven’t seen her real,But don’t worry,I will let you see sooner or later。”Lori said,Laughed loudly。
And Rooney on this side,Seems to be confused,But since Prince Lori likes,He dare not say anything。
“Hahaha,A person dying,And this great interest,I still want to be a lover,Is it a bit too whimsical??”When Lowry is proud,A weird voice,Ringing outside the door。

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