Liu Wenzhang glanced at Beigongya,I can’t help but wonder,The Beigong clan was very strong back then,Even the city lord himself must give three points of courtesy,Unexpectedly, in just half a year,Changtou King Banner,There is only an empty shell left in the huge Beigong family,This kid is in charge。

Actually think about it,I am still very lucky,At least not lost in the chaos,Now there is a chance to make a comeback。
“You are the patriarch of Beigong?”Liu Wenzhang’s heart moved slightly,Asked。
Seeing Bei Gongya can’t get past,Can only bite the bullet:“Not bad!After the death of Bei Gong Kuangdao,I control the Beigong clan。Brother Wu Hao and I hit it off,I’ll accompany him to see you!”
“Patriarch of the North Palace?Ha ha!Your strength is weak enough!You are so capable,Placed in our black blood guard,It’s just a big soldier。”Liu Wenzhang smiled。
Bei Gongya was unhappy,But dare not express,I can only bow my head and say nothing,Noncommittal。
Because they are right,When Beigong Crazy Sword was there,There are several forty-level warriors in the Beigong clan,Strength to suppress the city,Now there is only me, a little soldier of level 34,Even the three cavalrymen can’t win,Really shame the family reputation。
Bei Gongya secretly made a poisonous oath in his heart,Must become stronger,No matter what method,It’s okay to be a shameless villain,He wants to become stronger in the shortest time,We must not let the reputation of the Beigong clan fall into our own hands。
Chapter 982 New forces
“Wuhao Brothers,What you said,Sounds good!But don’t worry,I’ll talk about it when I meet the Lord Hongliu。”Liu Wenzhang said with a smile。
Lu Menglin looked at his expression,Smile so wretched,Know it in my heart。
Ba% is about the same as I thought!This time Liu Wenzhang is here,Doing things,Maybe it’s not just about competing for Red Willow City。

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