“Close relationship?Then you take advantage of my absence,Came to deceive my family,Take my property?”

“Ha ha!The relationship is so close!”Lu Menglin laughed。
Han Fengdao dare not say anything,He also felt,Lu Menglin won’t let him go easily,It’s too dark!
“Mr. Lu,This is not my idea,We are just following orders!Please raise your hand,Let me go!”Han Fengdao smiled bitterly。
“it is good!You go!”Lu Menglin said lightly。
“really!You really willing to let me go?”Han Fengdao was surprised,Bow again,I found that all the red spots on my chest disappeared。
He subconsciously felt,Lu Menglin is scared,Or was moved by myself,He wants to practice in a foreign space,Must join the Earth Alliance!
“Mr. Lu,Why don’t you join me back to the ground?!A global conference is being held over there,Discuss the invasion of a foreign land。”Han Fengdao said。
“it is good!”Lu Menglin nodded unexpectedly,Replied。
Han Fengdao is overjoyed,Just leave this ghost place,Waiting to return to the Earth Alliance,Find a helper by yourself,This Lu Menglin is dead!
Huh!A white light flashed,I fell into Han Fengdao’s body instantly。
Han Fengdao was taken aback,Quickly touched my chest,Found no scars,The blood in the body has not changed。
“you,What did to me?”Han Feng knows it’s OK,But still asked suspiciously。
Lu Menglin smiled slightly,Tao:“I plan to attend the local conference,But not with you,I go alone。”
“it is good,That works!I’ll leave now!”Han Fengdao was shocked and suspicious,Fist。
Lu Menglin shook his head,Smiled:“Sorry,You can’t go anywhere!”
“you,What do you mean?”Han Fengdao surprised,Subconsciously looking down at his body,But I didn’t see those red dots,I suddenly breathed a sigh of relief。
“Give you a chance,I don’t need a gun,Just knock me down,You can go。”Lu Menglin said lightly。

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