So Chu Menghan at this time,He raised his head and took a look at Tong Anke,Smiled at her,There was a playful look in his expression:“Di Nizi,You are in a situation!”

Tong An can hear Chu Menghan say this,My face turned red all at once,Turned his head and took a look at Chu Menghan:“You die,Stop talking nonsense here,If you dare to talk nonsense to me,Be careful i ripped your mouth!”
At this moment, Chu Menghan chuckled when Tong Anke said that.:“I wasn’t sure what happened to you just now,But now I can be quite sure,You definitely have a problem!”
At this time, Tong Anke was also speechless for a while:“All right,I don’t have time to fight with you now,Can he be discharged??”
At this time, Tong Anke has a rare serious expression on his face.,When Chu Menghan saw the serious look on his face,My heart was suddenly tight。
This time Chu Menghan keenly realized,Maybe this little girl really moved her heart,For Xia Chenglong,As the attending physician,I know a little bit more or less。
And under the Dragon Throne that no one knows in this great country,It can be said to be a legendary existence。
But for Tong An, I like Xia Chenglong,Chu Menghan has not been very optimistic about this matter,After all, this little Nizi’s mood is too simple,And Chu Menghan is also known,There are also many confidantes in the Dragon Throne,Not to mention according to external rumors,This Dragon Throne seems to have someone I like。
So when Chu Menghan learned that Tong Anke liked Xia Chenglong,There was a little solemn and complicated expression on his face at that time。
“This one,Di Nizi,Tell me the truth,Do you really like Xia Chenglong??”
When Tong Anke heard Chu Menghan say this,The face is also shy,embarrassing,Put your head away。
Chu Menghan looked like this,I know this little Nizi definitely moved her heart,At this time, she sighed quietly,There was a slightly complicated look on the expression,There is also some blood on his face, helpless。
“You have to think clearly,Xia Chenglong’s family is the Throne of the Dragon King,One of the Six Thrones of the Army,He is the dragon among men,Destined to fly above the sky,If you really like him,You will be very hard!”
When Tong Anke heard Chu Menghan say this,There is also a slightly complicated look above the expression,There is also a little helplessness in the eyes,At this time, she sighed leisurely。
“Actually, I also know this,I also know that maybe after this meeting,There will be no intersection from now on,But you also know how attractive that man is!”
Chapter one hundred and eleven Sneak out of the hospital
When Chu Menghan heard Tong Anke say that,I know this little Nizi definitely likes her,She also sighed faintly at this time,There was a complicated look in the eyes。

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