of course,If Qin Feng is at his peak at this time, he doesn’t need to think about this.。If Liu Xing does not join,Then beat him up,Then let him bow his head。

But now Qin Feng has more,It takes a long time to recover。
A hundred days of injury,Now Qin Feng’s hands have been cast in plaster for more than a month。Although according to the doctor,The plaster can be removed in a week or two。But if you want to fight with this level of physical fitness, it seems to have some influence。
“It’s not bad for me to convince you,Beat me,I will join you!”Liu Xingzui
Corner up。It is clear,This is a very confident person。
“Ha ha,I bring a gun?”Qin Feng is not afraid。Just responded like this。
Now Liu Xing is a little speechless,It’s a good one?It’s a good fist?Why did this guy talk about guns when he came up??Doesn’t he know how to fight close?
“How do you know to use a gun?”
“You even dare to say singledly against someone in a cast like me,Then why can’t I use a gun?”Qin Feng asked。
“But if you use a gun,Won’t you kill me??How can I join you if I die?”Liu Xing sophistry。
“Forget it,Zhong Fa,You continue to fight。Don’t lose,I think Zhong Fa you can still win!”
Zhong Fa never spoke before,Until Qin Feng told him to continue fighting,He continued confidently。

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