The Sixth-Rank Entering Saint Realm martial artist did not even make a single move in front of the elder butcher,The whole person was photographed directly underground,Completely lost his life。

According to the other party,This Lingxiao City belongs to the Tu family,If anyone dares to resist,Kill it。
This is the real ability of Tu Jia,In fact, the stability of these years has made the people of Lingxiao City forget one thing,That is Tu Jia is the overlord here。
The union is silent,The Warrior Association was also silent,Everyone sees that these two families are silent,Naturally dare not have any opinions。
So from this moment,The Tu family really started to control the entire Lingxiao City。
For this phenomenon,Everyone can only accept it silently in their hearts,After all, compared to benefits,Life is more important。
But these three days of such a large-scale operation,I didn’t even see a hair,Let alone Xia Chenglong。
Tufu Main Hall,The Tu family elder Tu Feng is sitting sternly,He has mainly done two things these three days,The first is to trace Xia Chenglong’s traces,The second is to check the identity of Xia Chenglong。
At this age, he has such tyrannical strength,Definitely not an obscure person,Want to find him this is a very important clue。
“Met the elder!”
“how about it,Is there any news from Xia Chenglong??”
That person is terrified,The other side’s anger is too high these days, so I shot them。
“Report,Report to the elder,The elders have searched three times in a row,Still didn’t notice the existence of that figure。”
Not found?
impossible,Even if he can,You must not avoid more searches by twelve holy realm warriors above rank 5.,You know they are the hidden power of the Tujia,Is truly a first-rate master。
“Great elder,Is that person already out of town??”
Out of town?
Absolutely not,Grand Elder can be sure,If you leave the city, the city gate will be destroyed,He must be able to know through the magic circle above。
But no matter which direction the gate is,Nothing like being destroyed。
But where is he,Xia Chenglong,So much humiliation for his butcher,If you don’t get this face back,Then how can they gain a foothold in Dahua?。

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