No matter what they do to Shen Lin and Su Ran,They themselves will not leave any way to survive,Excessive panic made them gradually lose their original fighting consciousness。

Xiao Fan made those**It’s all on themselves,Then he called and asked the group of men who had just retreated a few miles away to come back and retaliate against them.。
What did you do with Shen Lin?,Now they have to pay back ten times a hundred times。Xiao Fan quickly walked to the side of Shen Lin,I saw that Shen Lin had been beaten to death。
How can you be slaughtered if you lose your consciousness?,Xiao Fan feels that the injuries elsewhere can be resolved。
But there is only one wound on the head that was injured by someone with a stick,Still bleeding,Xiao Fan didn’t stay longer,Take Shen Lin directly back to bandage the wound。
Chapter Four Hundred and Eighty Five Seriously injured
Xiao Fan didn’t take Shen Lin directly to the hospital,After all, such injuries are too serious,Going to the hospital may waste time,It’s not good to miss the best rescue time。
It’s closer to Fan Lao’s Green Forest Villa,So Xiao Fan took Shen Lin directly to the Green Forest Villa,At this time, Shen Lin is already unconscious,Totally unconscious。
Xiao Fan fed him a pill,Is to ensure that the internal organs will not continue to weaken,Make sure that Shen Lin still has his own heartbeat。And simply bandaged Shen Lin’s head,Stop the bleeding。
When I came to the villa ,Xiao Fan is not talking nonsense,Mr. Fan has always had an emergency medical room here and it’s well equipped,Just in case,Now it really comes in handy。
Fan found out that Xiao Fan’s car was coming,Somewhat surprised,Faintly think it shouldn’t be a good thing,After all, Xiao Fan is very busy recently,Definitely not here as a guest,Thinking so,Fan Lao hurry out to have a look。
Xiao Fan helped Shen Lin down with his wounded body,At that moment, Fan Lao didn’t faint.,He walked tremblingly,The voice trembles:“This,What’s going on here。”
Xiao Fan said:“Explain back,Go to your emergency medical room,Looking for a helper for me,Shen Lin’s injury must be dealt with urgently。”
Fan Lao nodded blankly,Then quickly go to prepare the medical room stuff,Then arrange for someone to come and help Xiao Fan。Those who can stay at Fan Lao Villa,All have their own strengths,Some who are good at medicine。
Xiao Fan took Shen Lin to the emergency medical room,Then talk to the two assistants:“Change clothes and disinfect,Prepare for surgery now。”Those two dare not neglect,Act as directed。
Xiao Fan put on sterile clothes,Then checked Shen Lin’s overall injuries,Sure enough, as Xiao Fan thought,The head is the worst part,Other injuries, large and small, are okay。
If the brain injury cannot be cured,,Amnesia,Heavy rule,Heavy is unconscious,Xiao Fan thought,Also a little nervous,This is my brother,Why not worry。

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