Reappear in the next moment,Has reached the hotel manager’s side,Lift its collar with one hand,Bi Xian, a violent murderous intent。

“tell me,Your last words!”
The hotel manager who had never seen such a scene was frightened,But still reluctant to admit defeat:“If you dare to move me, I’ll be dead,I’m from Brother Long!”
All in the hotelACity people,Listen to Long Ge’s name,All discolored。
Fang Long,Famous for the dragon,YesAThe real boss!“Move you?”
Qin Feng smiled like a devil,Then he will try。
Under the nervous gaze of the surrounding crowd,A palm in the heart of the hotel manager!
The hotel manager spouted blood in the air。
Hit the front desk again,Suddenly unconscious。
Turn your head and look around,Qin Feng smiled:“you guys,Who else wants to threaten me?”
The hotel that was noisy just now,It became silent in an instant,The cold sweat hit everyone’s back。
Even if a breeze blows,All feel cold。
That young man,The methods are too scary……
The security guards were so scared that they stepped back,Panic warning:“Don’t come over,The one who beat Long Brother is dead,I advise you to kneel and admit your mistakes now,Waiting for Brother Long to punish you,Maybe your family will survive!otherwise……”
“How else?”

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