“Yes!”Angel Yan didn’t dare to stab in front of Holy Keisha。

“This time the earth rejected our justice order,But we still can’t slack off。correct,Have you found Morgana?”
Angel Yan:“Queen Kesha,This time we scanned the Chiwu star system,No trace of the devil was found。But this gluttonous army is coming to earth soon,I think Morgana will definitely come here。”
“There are three god-making projects of Shenhe civilization on the earth today,Morgana is bound to appear here,Now she didn’t show up,In other words, it is a breakthrough in four generations,So you can’t find,All this is possible!”
“Please show me Queen Kesha?”Angel Yan’s position on himself,Is an executor。
And Divine Kesha naturally felt this,She hesitated,If according to the original choice,After his own fall,Can Yan really lead a good angel civilization?!
Chapter Sixty Six The beautiful daily life of the Juxia
If the training of Super Seminary is running,So on the Juxia ship is swimming。
After all, there is the sea around here,They can run around in the Pacific,No one cares。
“All right,Start training in the morning,Xin Zhao stay,Everyone else set off!”
Six people headed by Ge Xiaolun,I heard Lena,Eyeballs rolled,Then jump directly from the deck into the sea。
Xin Zhao standing by the fence,Not actively speaking,Because he knows,Lena will speak actively。
“Xin Zhao,I want to go back to Lieyang,You supervise their training,The other Ge Xiaolun’s wings activate,Rely on you!”

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