These materials are in Lu Menglin’s eyes,It’s definitely more valuable than those few magic weapons and Chiyue equipment,Because these things can be used in magic-building techniques,Can make the energy structure of the equipment more stable,Stronger performance。

In fact,Lu Menglin didn’t know,These special materials,Doesn’t belong to Elder Liu alone,Instead, Prince Ning’s Mansion has collected the refining materials for the entire Liuyun Sect for several years。
Those overseas sects,Usually not active in Shenmin Mainland,But close the door and practice hard,One of them was born specifically for refining tools,Send people to collect these materials on Shenmin Continent all year round,But I didn’t expect it to be cheaper this time, Lu Menglin。
“This thing,Seems to be a sacrifice。”Huang Shaotian suddenly picked up something from the objects on the floor,Speak softly。
Chapter one thousand and one hundred and one Give gifts
In Huang Shaotian’s hands,Is a small head,It seems to be carved from black wood,Very inconspicuous。
but,Lu Menglin swept away with mental power,I know that this wood-carved head contains extremely pure spatial energy。
“This seems to be the head of Lord Zuma!Rare things。”Tu Shanming on the side glanced slantingly,Suddenly said。
Huang Shaotian shook his head,Means that I don’t know the origin of this thing。
“It’s something that burst out of Lord Zuma,Very rare,It is said that you can start a guild war with this game,Just take it and submit an application to the Guangming Dragon Temple。Gangs used to do this before!Anyone who starts a guild battle to resolve grievances,No matter how many people are killed or injured,God City will not care。This game is very evil,Have rarely seen。”Tu Shanming frowned。
Lu Menglin reached out to take the head of the Zuma leader,Under the spiritual exploration,Found that the spatial energy quality contained in it is not generally high,Probably enough to complete a sacrifice。
“How do you know this is a sacrifice?”Lu Menglin asked。
Huang Shaotian only stayed in the Guangming Dragon Temple for three days,Got the qualifications of junior priest,Although it’s not like the priest Lei Jizhi said,Directly become a third-level priest,But the basic needs of the profession of priest,She is satisfied。
“I accepted the blessing of the bright dragon god,Have a special sense of sacrifice,Just get close,Will have a certain resonance phenomenon。”Huang Shaotian thought for a while,Patiently explained。
“That’s it!understood!The head of the Zuma leader,Use it to give to the Dragon God!You prepare,After we go back, we sacrifice。”Lu Menglin ordered。
Huang Shaotian was full of joy suddenly,Just transferred to become a priest,She was qualified to sacrifice,This luck is really good!
Priest profession in the Temple of Bright Dragon,Was born for sacrifice,Only through sacrifice,Their level can rise quickly。
The more the sacrifices,The higher the value of the sacrificed items,The priest who presided over the sacrifice can not only increase the level,Still have the same chance as the sacrifice,Gain god。

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