After running for a while,Some pedestrians started to stop。

Because there is no danger,They don’t bother to run。
At this time, Chen Feng dragged Fang Kai through the crowd,It didn’t take long to return to the pavement of the commercial street。
The responder drives a motorcycle,Just waiting to show up。
Even if there is an accident in the commercial street, the respondent will drive into the commercial street。But once you do,Presumably things have become serious。
Okay,Not going in the worst direction now。The responder handed the car to Chen Feng,The latter put on his helmet and drove away。
Fang Kai still didn’t feel any sense of security sitting in the back seat。
no way,Because it’s still within Beixiong City,Unless they have the ability to leave this area。but,Can they really do it?
Even Fang Kai doesn’t have any confidence!
Chen Feng is the best performer among the members。Because besides his ability to escape,The most important thing is that his fighting skills are not weak。
It is rumored that he originally wanted to join the Surgeon team,Only later became one of the generals。
“almost,You can reach the port in about one kilometer!”
Chen Feng felt Fang Kai’s anxiety,So I can only say comfort。After all, once this emotional instability becomes a pig teammate, it hurts himself,Then Chen Feng is afraid it will be difficult to escape alone。

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