After entering,Because of their arrival,Become more active。

Yangzi,Immediately notify the chef to prepare for the meal。As usual,After eating, it’s homework and proper fitness。
Tian Lu after get off work,After arriving at a nearby station by bus,Into the apartment,Go straight to the small building dormitory,Passing by Xiaoyun on the way,
Tian Lu ignored Xiaoyun and walked over,Xiaoyun was annoyed,Thought:Arrogant what,Isn’t it just a part-time worker?,When my little cloud is air,Shoulder to shoulder,What about saying hello,Snob,Isn’t it about Master Starry Sky?,Snob。
Tian Lu didn’t expect to say hello to Xiaoyun,Will cause such a scolding in Xiaoyun’s heart。But I didn’t think about the consequences of saying hello or not.,The sophistication,Just keep yourself true,Why bother。So I didn’t regard greeting people deliberately as the same thing,Did not expect this“Red tape”Of the world will attract“Misfortune”。
“Hey,Surnamed Tian,stop,I tell you,Master Xingkong and Miss Lisu both returned home today,So affectionate,Wake up your Cinderella dream。”Xiaoyun drinks to stop Tian Lu from moving forward。
Tian Lu is not afraid of her,Turned his head and walked up straight and asked:“Excuse me,Did i offend you,The word surname Tian feels to be a term for the enemy,and also,I am just a friend to your Master Starry Sky,rest assured,I won’t fly on a branch to be a phoenix。”
Tian Lu returned domineeringly,Xiaoyun’s face turned pale and red,Poor air pressure,Backlog in the chest。
Tian Lu doesn’t care about her anymore,Walk towards his own small building。
Xiaoyun behind was stomped with anger,In short,She just can’t understand Tian Lu,At this moment, Tian Lu turned her back,I’m so angry。
Xiaoyun’s words are not untouched by Tian Lu,Do Xingkong and Xie Lisu have a good impression of each other??Xie Lisu can be said to be the best among girls,The appearance and education are so perfect and outstanding,It’s normal for Xingkong to have affection for her,But why do I feel like crying?。
Tian Lu was so sad for no reason that her tears made her eyes red。
That night,Ye Xingkong made an exception and didn’t come to Tian Lu for the first time,Tian Lu works overtime without thinking。
She put her cheek in one hand,Start thinking wildly,It turns out that she had the faith to stay in the apartment,All because of Ye Xingkong“Thermos”in,If I lose Ye Xingkong’s care in the future,Can I live in the apartment??
Tian Luqi thought about it,Restless,Worries。
In fact,Ye Xingkong didn’t come to Tian Lu that night,Because Chen Limu told him and Xie Lisu,The CEO of Rice Electronics held a family dinnerparty,Invite family members of famous enterprises to participate,If not going,Unkind,I can always get a personal connection。
Xie Lisu expressed support,Said:“I know,I know!I used to celebrate my whole birthday in China,My father also held such an event。”
Chen Limu said:“and so,For the Ding family,I would like to invite you and Xingkong to be representatives。”
Xie Lisu’s heart burst into sweetness,A hundred happy in my heart。She looked at Ye Xingkong,Judging from his expression,Ye Xingkong is not disgusted,Then it’s the default。
Chen Limu Solicits Ye Xingkong’s Opinion,Ye Xingkong looked at Chen Limu and looked forward to it,Can’t bear to hurt Chen Limu’s heart,Nod in agreement。

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