His height is also 1.86 meters,Stand with the big guy,The momentum does not lose the wind。

“I am the master of Shabak City in the ninth district of the legend!Haha!just kidding,Sun Xingfeng,Do some small business in Jincheng,I have seen your movie,Really praised!”This burly man laughs,Very hearty。
Chen Jiannan smiled slightly,Nodded at the other party。
Turned out to be a fan!Lu Menglin and the others laughed in unison。
Unexpectedly, the influence of the legendary movie is so extensive,Even people in Jincheng recognize Chen Jiannan,Nan Ge is now a well-deserved star。
Just don’t know,After we get together with the Zhu family,,When they saw the big star Nan Ge hit the game,I don’t know what it is?
Sun Xingfeng revealed his identity,All the people watching the excitement all around came up。
“It’s really Brother Nan!”
“The gossip magazine says,Besides being a big star,Or Hong Kong Island boss,Is it true??”
“Even Brother Nan, this popular fried chicken, came to celebrate Zhu’s birthday,The Zhu family is really awesome!The first one in Jincheng deserves it!”
There was a hum of discussion all around,Fortunately, those people just looked at Chen Jiannan with curious eyes,But no one took the initiative to say hello,After all, the people who can come here are local people with heads and faces,They can follow stars,But won’t lower your value to chase stars。
“Brother Nan came to wish the old man his birthday,Are you still blocking the door??Please invite someone in!”Sun Xingfeng shouted at the young man in black suit who just spoke。
That person didn’t dare to brush Sun Xingfeng’s face,Nodded quickly,Gave way to Zhu’s gate。
It seems,This guy who claims to be the lord of the legendary ninth district Shabak,In Jincheng, it is by no means a simple role,Otherwise, why would even the Zhu’s guard give him face??
Actually it’s normal,Legendary games have become so popular today,Can be the Lord of Shabak in the game,In reality, it’s probably not too bad.,At least one rich person can’t run。
“Thanks a lot!”Lu Menglin smiled and arched his hands at the man,Stride forward。

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