“Two hours later,There is a flight from London Heathrow International Airport to Tokyo,Let’s take that flight to Japan!”

Confess all this,Qiao Tianyu had to get up and go back to his room to pack his luggage,To make final preparations for Tokyo。
And before going out,Cui Kai grabbed Qiao Tianyu,I stuffed the few pages of calculation paper I just hid into Qiao Tianyu’s pocket,Don’t forget to pat those pages of calculation paper through your pocket,Motion to ask Qiao Tianyu to take a good look。
Qiao Tianyu nodded with heart,Wait to return to my room,Qiao Tianyu immediately locked the door,I took out Cui Kai’s calculation paper and scanned it quickly,A mysterious smile appeared on his face。
That kid,So thief!
Half an hour later,Qiao Tianyu、Cui Kai,And Michelle took the KGB vehicle to leave as scheduled,Arrived at London Heathrow International Airport on time。
The airport staff arranged by Raman directly took Qiao Tianyu and others to go through the visa and entry and exit formalities.,Personally sent them on the flight to Tokyo。
Have to admire the powerful foreign-related capabilities of the Rothschild family,It seems that going through the immigration formalities of any country is not a big deal for them,Even Qiao Tianyu was curious,I don’t know if the Rothschild family can handle the most difficult Chinese immigration procedures.。
Finally boarded a flight to Tokyo, Japan,But before the plane takes off,Qiao Tianyu was connected to Palizovsky from Russia、Good news from New York Rubin, Henry and others,They were very happy to tell Qiao Tianyu,All frozen funds have been unfrozen。
It seems that Raman did not break his promise,He has done everything he promised,Then we will see how Qiao Tianyu can turn the clouds and rain,Turn decay into magic!
Fly from London, England to Tokyo, Japan,Across the entire Eurasian continent,There is also the Sea of Japan which is not too wide,Almost spanned half of the earth,Qiao Tianyu was consumed by this long journey12Hours of precious time。
But what makes Qiao Tianyu a little speechless is,When they stepped onto the plane in London,It’s almost evening,And when Qiao Tianyu got out of the plane in Tokyo,The outside is still dwindling。
Under the influence of the magical earth time zone,Qiao Tianyu and others seemed to have been on the plane for a whole day。
At this moment,Time has come to Tokyo time Saturday afternoon16:50。
From Tokyo Haneda International Airport,Looking at the hustle and bustle of the crowd,Qiao Tianyu has strong nausea and nausea。

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