Huo Yunhe walking on the street is not as calm as he appears,Soaking in the intriguing mall all the year round,Have a long-standing personality,No amount of surprise will be revealed,If it’s just an ordinary woman,Just take the money,But that is Lu Xin,Is the sister of the family,Or his little sister!

Let alone the relationship between the Huo family and the Lu family,From the situation just now,If you are not strong,Will be passive,I have cleaned myself for so many years,Overturned the boat in the gutter,Is he really frustrated!
Don’t say he is married to Yangliu,Even single,It’s impossible to be with Lu Xin,That brainless woman,Thought to create established facts,You can do whatever you want?
He Huo Yunhe is married,Even if something happened between them,It’s impossible for him to divorce his wife,Turn around to marry a wife!
Anxious and annoyed, his brain is messy,Lu family affairs,inAIt’s not a secret in the upper circles of the city,Opinions vary,Available in various versions,But this matter has nothing to do with him,It’s impossible to inquire。
I only know that Lu Jinning fancy a female college student,Kept outside,Didn’t show her in public。
Don’t know why,Can see the current posture,Not like it?
A daughter born to a woman outside,Has never been recognized by Lu’s parents,Just private Give birth,I have never liked a woman who is morally corrupt,Why do you know that Yiyi is a child of that kind of woman,No feeling of disgust?
Mrs. Lu is the younger sister of Lu Jinning’s childhood sweetheart,The two have set a baby kiss since they were young,Married at the age of marriage,Have a son and a daughter after marriage,Is Lu
Liang He Lu Xin。
Yiyi,By birthday,When Mrs. Lu was pregnant,Lu Jinning had an affair。
Logically,This kind of woman who destroys other people’s families,Should be a demon Evil Poisonous,The child raised should be similar to the mother。
But his Yiyi,So kind and gentle,Independent and tough,If it weren’t for Lu Xin to show conclusive evidence,,He really doesn’t believe that she will be the child of a woman who everyone calls and beats。
Chapter One Hundred and Sixty Four Passersby
Lu Yao,So she is Lu Yao,It’s the daughter that the Lu family raises and doesn’t receive much attention,How could he associate such a beautiful woman with that vulgar and arrogant woman?
Malformed family relationship,It should be the reason for her tenacity,It was in this environment to grow up,She should not tolerate betrayal。
Although he refused to admit what happened,But did anything really happen,Nothing in my heart,Some are just bluffs。

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