Populus reaches out:“Hello there!My name is Populus,Poplar。Senior Hua can call me Xiao Hu,Xiao Yang is fine too。”

“Then Xiao Hu!correct,This is Director Lu of CCTV,He has something to talk to you。”Hua Shixiong did not forget his mission。
Hu Yang looks at another middle-aged man,Also reach out,Shook his hand:“Hello there!Director Lu,What’s the matter?”
Director Lu is a particular person,Since he even carefully repaired his beard,Dress meticulously,You can see his character。
“Mr. Hu,Hello there!Is such that,We are recording a show,Don’t mind getting into the camera?”Director Lu puts on a professional smile,But not annoying,Quite natural。
Populus Swinging Hand:“Nothing!I am also broadcasting。”
in fact,Director Lu they also noticed,These young people are also playing live,I guess I wouldn’t mind being on the show,So I came to discuss。
If it’s an ordinary person,Just send a staff member over to negotiate。
But Populus is different,Everyone can see,He is a man of real ability,Plus just got a treasure worth more than five million,You have to come here,Show respect。
“That’s it,Live streaming is quite popular now,Young people love to play。”Director Lu’s compliment。
but,Live Appraiser,Anyone watching?Logically,Isn’t Jian Bao a boring job??Some fans,Wouldn’t you fall asleep without watching??
“Okay,Everyone gives face,By the way, let everyone know a little bit about the traditional culture of our own country,Those traditional crafts that are about to be lost。Lu Dao,Do you want to say hello to everyone?”Populus euphratica。
Director Lu and Hua Shixiong can’t laugh or cry,They are here to invite Hu Yang to be photographed,Who knows that this guy first brought them to his live broadcast room,Do you want to give yourself a fan??
but,I really want to give this face,otherwise,How can I let my family cooperate with my show??

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