The lesson to them just now,Actually it’s not a lesson,Because under normal circumstances, Xiao Fan wants to teach someone a lesson,Not so gentle。

I just wanted them to understand some truths,This matter should be understood for both of them,Especially Chu Yao。
In fact, Xiao Fan feels that Yiming can already see this kind of thing very thoroughly.,But Chu Yao may be more difficult,Because she is always passionate,And want to help many people,Sense of justice。
Sometimes my sincerity may not be rewarded,Sometimes when you take your sincerity to others, you may not exchange your sincerity,Because some people are not as pitiful as you seem,Or is it worth helping them。
Sometimes it can be said that the sin was deserved。But this matter was resolved smoothly,If something happens to the rest,Xiao Fan will also let Chu Yao understand some things later。
Many times you need to experience it yourself,Will truly grow,So I really should understand how this matter should be handled,You should see both sides when looking at things,Instead of just seeing one side。
Although Xiao Fan knows that Chu Yao can really be exquisite in handling other things,But sometimes she still follows her heart。
Often this time she will be hurt。Xiao Fan doesn’t want Chu Yao to be hurt,I also hope that she can always be so firm in her heart to do something,But sometimes it’s not what people want。
She has to go through something to grow,What happened this time as a lesson or a lesson for Chu Yao。
In fact, if she is really interested, she might go back and investigate some of those victims,Facts will prove that the victims are also a group of lazy people。
Otherwise, why would you always want to make more money through some particularly easy means?,People now know that money is not so profitable,The competitive pressure is so high。
In such a situation, how could the easy investment be rewarded??After Chu Yao came back, she wanted to understand these things,Although those who were cheated of money look pitiful。
But the fact may be that they themselves want to get something for nothing,Take out some of your savings in exchange for more money,They have never thought of doing something down to earth through their savings。
This way I slowly make my money more,But the dream of getting rich overnight,These people may not be good people in essence,So Chu Yao thought of this,I feel that I have done this and I don’t have to worry too much。
She is just doing something according to her heart or following her heart,Since I have decided to help them,Then help here,The rest is by God’s will。
If they still want something for nothing like before,Or don’t want to live anymore,Chu Yao won’t take care of it。
Because many people don’t really deserve such help,They don’t think about being motivated,Or really rely on your own efforts to get what you deserve。
In this case, Chu Yao wouldn’t help them,Only my energy is wasted,Also consumes my feelings,Chu Yao feels it’s not worth it。

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