“Sister Lena,The letter master is still hanging there?”Good boy Rui Mengmeng compares with Xin Zhao,Although this guy looks unreliable,But the scene of the battle this afternoon,But it entered her heart directly。

Of course, this is not to say that Rui Mengmeng likes him,It’s the recognition of being a comrade in arms。
“Lena,Call him over,Although this guy is cheaper,But people are pretty reliable!”Qilin also spoke。
Liu Chuang scratched his head“Lord Xin’s words are a bit unreliable,But still a man,Sister Lena, please spare him first!”
‘nice,This guy has been recognized by three teammates!’
Of course Lena did it intentionally,I want to see what these new teammates are。Very satisfied,Except for someone staring at Qiangwei,Others are good。
“All right,Bitch letter,Hurry up,The seat of the goddess is reserved for you!”
Talking bitch,Arrive immediately。
Flashing,Xin Zhao has done it by Lena’s side“I knew that Sister Lena was the best to me,Today there are people who know me and some who don’t know me,Let me introduce myself first,My name is Xin Zhao,Person……”
Lena at this time,Directly interrupted“Bitch letter!”
Xin Zhao felt like he was crying,But he told himself to be strong,do not Cry,The man does not flick when he has tears。
“Bitch believes this is the nickname that Sister Reina calls me,Only she can be called,If others dare to shout like this,That’s the majesty that provokes my elder sister,Call me Xinye,do you know?”
“I know you big head!”Rena slapped Xin Zhao on the shoulder without hesitation“Mengmeng is a good boy,Call him Xin Zhao from now on,Qilin too,As for the rose,You just shout,I do not mind!”
“Sister Lena,What shall we shout?”Liu Chuang looked at Xin Zhao who was bullied by Lena,A touch of fear flashed in my eyes,Think about the loss of body induction this afternoon,Liu Chuang thinks there will be no more uncomfortable punishment。
“I don’t care about this,You are free!”
For the lady,Lena can take care of it,Man??Is not in her care,She also looks forward to someone jumping out,Then I was beaten by Xin Zhao。
But obviously,What she was expecting fell through,Cheng Yaowen has concerns,And Liu Chuang was educated by Xin Zhao,As for Ge Xiaolun,I was so fascinated by Qiangwei。
Chapter Twenty Four Dinner
“Come come,Everyone is free,There are beer and white,Drink whatever you want!”

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