“Zhu Chenglong,Zhu Chengxiu’s cousin!”Xia Chenglong is not in a hurry,Speak casually。

Qi Liangdong laughed,Seems to have encountered something extremely ridiculous。
Xia Chenglong frowned,This guy is so annoying,And too noisy,So I don’t plan to keep my hands。
“You are still Jackie Chan,It’s not bad to have adult worms then。”
“let’s start,You have the final say how you want to come。”
“it is good!”Qi Liangdong did not push,Promised,“Are you not good at making swords?,It just so happens that our knife in Qicheng is good,Let’s have a sword showdown today。”
The most famous of Qicheng is modern alchemy,Their weapons are equally popular on the mainland,This guy is afraid that it is their best weapon。
Everyone is sure,Leave open space,The others retreated to both sides。
The guy took out the long knife from the storage ring,This knife is single-edged and slender,Quite the shadow of Tang Dao,The blade is flowing with lines,Looks extremely sharp。
Qi Liangdong gritted his teeth,He must let these guys in the sword city know,What is the power of technology,What is the master of the future。
“Kid,Take the sword,Don’t say I bully。”
Xia Chenglong shook his head helplessly,His weapons are not for fighting this kind of guy,That’s too cheap。
“Cousin,Can i borrow your sword!”
“no problem!”
Zhu Chengcai threw his sword over。

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