“I didn’t go,Or you will sleep again。”Qin Feng thought,I want to go,You have to dare!

“Not sleeping,Isn’t there a cocktail party in the evening??”
“What are you doing?”Qin Feng was obviously taken aback by Qin Xibei’s actions,Turn your head and leave。
“stop,Why are you going?”Qin Xibei stopped Qin Feng a little unhappy。
“I,I’m out waiting for you。”Saying that Qin Feng didn’t stop。
“Brat,You stop。”Qin Xibei said with a smirk across his mouth。
“I……”Qin Feng really dare not keep Qin Xibei’s words,But the pace has stopped,But the body stays rigidly in place,I even dare not turn around。
“You what you,Why are you afraid that I would eat you?,Why not turn around?”Qin Xibei coldly hummed。
“Is not,I’m afraid I can’t control myself。”Qin Feng said with a wry smile。
“how,You dare to offend me?”Qin Xibei asked provocatively。
“I dare not,Is not alive??”
If someone else,Maybe don’t care,But Qin Xibei is so good,A little detail will be discovered by her。
“Are you while i sleep……”
“I do not have。”Qin Feng was so scared that he immediately denied。
“No, no,Why are you so nervous?”Qin Xibei just wanted to tease Qin Feng,Not really angry with him。
“I’m not nervous。”Qin Feng knew that Qin Xibei was not really angry,Relax a lot in an instant。
“You still know wrong,I dared to run,If not for so long,I must strip you raw。”Qin Xibei hummed。

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