At that time, Su Rou had a face that I read little, don’t lie to me。Fortunately, they were just talking on the phone,Otherwise, Su Rou’s expression will definitely be scolded to death by Chen Yunxi。

This is not,Can’t make it clear on the phone,And under Chen Yunxi’s bitter pleading,Su Rou can only make an appointment to meet。
Dongcheng Tea House,It is now a property under Qin Feng’s name,But everything inside is business as usual,Not many guests。So when Su Rou came to the scene, she quickly saw Chen Yunxi。
“Come so early?”Su Rou said。
“Ok,Su Rou, how about helping me??The last time I saw my husband, he looked very haggard。The most hateful is,We couldn’t find a lawyer to bail him out。We surrendered,Stop fighting Qin Feng,You help me!”
At this moment, Chen Yunxi almost knelt on the ground and begged Su Rou。
The latter is also embarrassed。Because Chen Yunxi’s expression doesn’t look fake at this time。the most important is,She could tell that Chen Yunxi looked tired at this moment,The whole person is thin。Not as exquisite as the lady I saw。
Although there are few customers in the teahouse,But it will still be because of the big movement here,Can’t help but look over。
Su Rou doesn’t like being watched by these eyes,Just want to end soon,So just say:“Ok,I try my best!”
“I’ll wait for your news!”
On the way back,Su Rou couldn’t help thinking。
She can’t figure it out,I always feel like this is impossible!How could Qin Feng have an official identity?Isn’t that a killer?

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