But I saw a white horse galloping from behind the black flag army,A strongman on horseback,Draped in silver、Hand spear,Fast as a dragon,Rush into the black army,Hit its head,Formed a counterattack with the four Cavaliers of the White Flag Army,Gain the upper hand!
Only one face,The Black Flag Army no longer has first-hand advantage,Turn offense to defense immediately,Back to the mountain,Reinforce the line of defense,Don’t dare to cross the thunder pond half a step!
Zhao Feng stared at the chess game,Suddenly,A strong impulse prompted him to come forward to dominate the Black Flag army,That impulse is getting stronger and stronger,finally,Hallucinations began to appear in Zhao Feng’s eyes:The illusion of Heizi appeared on the chessboard,That illusion fell on Tianyuan,From Zhao Feng’s perspective,A black piece appeared out of thin air at Tian Yuan in the middle of the chessboard,But the two people who are playing do not seem to see the sunspot。
“what happened……Why is there such an illusion……Yes……The bamboo tube is affecting me?Zhutong wants me to replace it to play the black game?”Zhao Feng gritted his teeth against the inexplicable impulse,gradually,He began to find that his fingers would make subtle movements of grasping chess pieces uncontrollably,And more and more blacks appear out of thin air on the board,Zhao Feng soon couldn’t discern the expectation in his vision.,Which sunspots are real,What are the hallucinations。
A drop of sweat,Stay from Zhao Feng’s room,He now uses his whole body to resist the influence of the bamboo tube,But the more he resisted,Hallucinations more real,gradually,Zhao Feng began to see deeper hallucinations:Walk to the middle-aged man’s position,And replace it……
Zhao Fengsha thought that his body was controlled by a bamboo tube,But as he regained consciousness,I realized that what I just saw was an illusion。
That feeling,It’s like being woken up by an alarm clock every morning when you go to school,In a trance,Seeing myself getting up to brush my teeth and wash my face,But after a while,I found myself still lying in bed。
“No way……Keep going like this,My body will be completely controlled……”Zhao Feng difficultly put his eager hands in his trouser pockets,Then activate the skin veins,Let the skin of the palms of both hands bulge,To restrict one’s actions。
at this time,A lot of people who know Go come to watch,Bai Ze is among them,For a while,No one noticed Zhao Feng’s strangeness。
“Three Tribulation Cycle!The next three calamities cycle!”
suddenly,Such a shout suddenly erupted from the onlookers。
Go“Robbery”,Also called“Robbery”,In Zhao Feng’s impression,Are two connected“ten”word,Then the black and white take turns to eat each other“ten”Pawn in the center of the word,As long as one party does not give up,The robbery will continue endlessly。

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