And those spiders are not the scariest,Behind the spider group,Two two-headed monsters sit at the ends of a giant sarcophagus,Like a king on the top of the mountain。

In fact,They are indeed domineering creatures,The two-headed Gorefiend and the two-headed King Kong brothers。
Four talents appeared,There was a dense clanging sound from the chopping knife of the wooden knife.。
That is a fang spider with long-range attack power,They have shot out their fangs,Dozens of fangs spider arrows shot from all directions。
Now everyone finally knows why the wooden knife has to carry such a big chopper into the Chiyue Canyon,So it was prepared for this time。
After the fang spider shot,The monsters in the Scarlet Moon Demon Lair are all agitated。
They shook angrily,Trying to squeeze the people around,To attack those invading enemies。
In the entire Scarlet Moon Demon Lair,Like a pot of boiling water,Thoroughly boiled。
Pause time,Attacks are coming from all directions,The wooden knife shook the shoulder,Quite strenuous。
“Retreat!Exit first!”The wooden knife roared。
The voice has not fallen,The wooden knife handles the chopper,Abruptly splitting a chain of swordsmanship,Sweep around,Stand for the three people behind to fight for space to retreat。
A moment later,The three retreated outside the entrance,Are all a shocked expression。
“Oh my God!Is hell in there?How come there are so many monsters?Besieged by this appearance,How to fight?”Tu Shanming is speechless,Shook his head repeatedly。
Even Lu Menglin was shocked,There are too many dark monsters inside,It’s almost like subway morning peak line 3,Densely packed,Squeezed like canned sardines。
Such a large number of dark monsters are all gathered together,Crowded,Even a forty-two level warrior like a wooden knife,A good outfit,I can barely hold on for a few seconds,Carry a few more,I’m afraid even he will be blown up。
“Wooden knife,How did you deal with these monsters before?”Lu Menglin asked。
The wooden knife frowned,Shen Sheng:“This time the quantity is a bit too much。There weren’t so many monsters crowded inside before,There is still room to fight for。”

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