Xiao Fan said after hearing the answer:“Do you want to visit the company??Haven’t you been to the company for a long time??”

“The company was renovated some time ago,I remember I told you,May be different from what you saw before,Do you want to go around?Bored at home。”
Lin Yuna said:“That’s good。Of course I am happy to go。”
Xiao Fan said:“That line,When you finish the gardening class in the morning,I’ll pick you up。Then we went to dinner together at noon。”
Lin Yuna said:“can,That’s it。”
So Xiao Fan left home after eating breakfast。
Lin Yoona talked to her girlfriend on the phone,Went to gardening class together。
The gardening class is only two hours,It’s already ten thirty after finishing。After class, she called Xiao Fan to tell them the specific location of this gardening course。
Xiao Fan just finished a meeting and just got free,He asked Wen Xu to give him his car key。
Xiao Fan went to the parking lot and drove the car out immediately after getting the car key,To pick up Lin Yoona。
Lin Yooner let her best friend go ahead of time after finishing the gardening course,She was sitting alone on the chair outside the classroom, waiting for Xiao Fan to pick her up。
Xiao Fan drove very fast,He is afraid that Lin Yoona will wait too long。Not long,only20minute,He came。
Lin Yun’er was surprised when she saw Xiao Fan,And then said to him:“Why did you come so fast?”

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