Wait for them to take care of those items,Lin Shaofen is back again。

“Please arrive?Team leader, they are so kind to you。”Zhang Qingliang admired。
“What good?I can only ask for one day,Not this long time,I’m going to break my mouth。”
“That’s not bad!Others are not so good to ask for leave。”
Finished,Zhang Qingliang takes everyone out。this time,He didn’t drive an official car,I was forced to,In case of emergency,Just that way。
Took leave,And drove around in an official car,Is too long!
“Hu Ge,You don’t have a car?”Lin Shaofen asked in surprise。
In her opinion,Populus is quite rich,Why don’t you even have a transportation tool??
“Brother Hu came all the way,Impossible to drive。There are more cars,A sports car given by others,Brother Hu hasn’t driven much。”Zhang Qingliang speaks immediately,Lest this girl look down on Brother Hu。
“Sports car?Sent?Who would give a man a sports car?”Lin Shaofen feels a bit bragging。
If it’s those little meat stars,There are rumors,Local fans give luxury cars。
Hua Tsai can’t stand the girl’s questioning look at Brother Hu,Open road:“If someone helps you earn hundreds of millions,Would you give him a sports car。”
“If someone helps me make so much money,of course can,but……Ok?Brother Hu made hundreds of millions for others?”This is even more ridiculous?

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