Think,Drilling a person under the table,Balm,Hand-held vertical,Body set of white robe,A round face smiles。

Bodhi old ancestors。
Welcome the stunned to Zunbao,Bodhi old ancestors shake the water on the shake,Laughing self-introduction:“Helper,I want you to see it from my dust.,Be right,I am a bodhi old ancestor,A fairy。”
To Zunbao two words,Directly sputum,Anger:“You said that you are a god, you are gods.,I also said that I am the Emperor of Jade.,I have a good point to hurry out my grapes.,Otherwise, this help is the letter.,Let’s tell you the whole family.!”
“Don’t be excited,Grapes are no way to give you,Because I am the string of grapes you brought back.。”
Bodhi old ancestors sweep,A face of the world:“I also know that the help of you don’t believe.,simple,As a god,I can realize you a wish。”
“real or fake?!”
Supreme treasure will believe,I quickly accepted the fact that,Brow:“wrong,You lied to me,Although I have less reading,But I have read a lot about the book on the day.,Your fairy meets three wishes,Why is you here, there is only one left?,Are you a desire of this help??”
“Helper,Let’s take a look at your own crotch.,Take a look at your own money bag。”
To respect, I don’t know very well.,But still,He raised his hand and touched the money bag on the back waist,Eye bloom gold light,I took my own pants.,When you have a double eye。
“I rely on,Sure enough is a living god,Good experience!”
“of course,I have been doing this.。”
In the compliments of the respect,Bodhi old ancestral,Sitting at the desk with raising hands to pour yourself:“Helper,Open the door to see the mountain,We directly enter the topic,I am going to save this time.”
“Wait a moment,Direct access,Shouldn’t you ask me the third wish??”
To Zunbao raise hand to interrupt,Mei Zoo said the third wish:“Let Jing Jing girl fall in love with me,Very love,deeply love,From now on, no matter the old disease,No matter the poor,I only love me one.。”
money、woman、Big,Three wishes of very men。
“Helper,Don’t make it!”
Bodhi old ancestors shakes his head,As he said,He is a long time.,The previous two wishes pure observatory,Using human-style desire to prove identity,Leave unnecessary embarrassment。
so,He can’t help to help the respect of the treasure to achieve the wish.,Even,He will not let Baijing cry on the best。
“Why not make?”
“God listening to me, I understand it.。”
Bodhi old ancestors duty tea,Don’t panic:“Bai Jingjing and Spring Thirty Niang are monsters,I turned into grapes this time to save you.。”
“cut,Letter you blame。”
Supreme treasure,Resolutely do not believe:“My heart is so beautiful.,How can it be a monster??”
“Helper,It is because you like people,Monsters will become handsome guys。”
Bodhi old ancestors touched a bronze mirror from his arms:“Here,It’s a mirror.,White crystal is not a monster,The fact is better than the eloquence,You will understand。”
To respect the treasure is still,But for the first two achieved wishes,He did not refuse to demon mirror,After I came, I took myself.。
“Leather white,Handsome,God is really unfair,I am so handsome,How to make other men are good?”
Room ring,The supreme treasure immersed in the self-world,I didn’t see the Bodhi old ancestors left and right.,Dog nose smells the aroma of the door,Hearing hurry to open the door。
Outside the door,White crystal surface,Smile,Three-point rejection、Three points are very busy,And three points you are a good person,And a poor。
Know the fan-shaped chart,Old goddess。

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