Consultant Yuan Yun Qingfeng Daddy:

“Waiting, etc.,She will come back。”
If you ignore the margin of his eyes『color』,Wei Ye is really important。
Half of it。
This point of view is finally liberated.。
Smear『color』The streamer is on the Magic Palace,From far and near,Yan Zhi jumped from the window。
She is excited,Didn’t pay attention to the consultant。
This action has evolved to be like her forced to jump from the sword.,Into the arms of the consultant,The latter also hugged her in the first time.。
Wild:No eyejpg
NS156chapter Chapter 156
NS156chapter Chapter 156
竹 顺 顺 问 保 保, More important thing,No time to take this strange posture,Just sitting“Put on”Actions。Her eyes are excited and unknown, Uncertain emotions make her sound line out of tight, Unusually trembling and red drafting on your face make this scene unpleasant, “You are willing to go with me?”
It doesn’t have this sentence as an opening.,But branches are in organizing language.、Imagine that you begin to start,Go back to the demon and go straight to the moon,Midway no buffer,A child hits the advisory,Emotional excitement said directly to end。
Consultant, pair, holding her,Don’t do it, hesitate:“it is good。”
The wild has already retired the door, Suddenly heard this:My magic is over.?
枝 样 料 料:“You agree this.?”
Consultant, I don’t dare to confuse this., Be the side:“Wild,I announce you a magic。”
Consultant Yuan recovered from the line of view,There is still a few points of interest.:“Where do I go??”
The spirit of the mastery、Want to say。
枝 轻 拍 问 渊 的 的:“Seriously tell you。”
Consultant is like, Put the branch from semi-void,Hand is still in her back:“Wild, you go first。”
Wei Yucheng floated with the soul of the city。
I can’t see that the consultant is not in the power of the devil., I thought I had a branch., The consultant will strive to work hard for future happiness life.,Who knows that 竹 actually a lighting, This will be put forward.?
Consultant, the finger smashed the hair of the branch:“I can say it now.。”
Not let go,Just like this, this will not have the end., At this sticky, intimate posture,Clear and clear,Xu Xue Road:“actually, I don’t have this world.……”
From the time?
The most beginning to clearly feel that the consultant is lonely,In addition to the indifference of the people who don’t love the people, they will open the poison tongue.,So that she is full of failure to pay attention to fighting the king when she completes daily fixed pursuit indicators.,Thinking about how to make words,Will a boring love and not have a born, a dead farce。
Perhaps it is so special,I have to play a breath in the gap of people.,Unconsciously,Get more inexplicable and natural。
19th floor,It’s good to throw her away.,Have not seen that she is afraid of the black this sub-branch day.,If you don’t have your heart, help her.……
In this way, she will not clearly detect the consultant, and she can’t care.,While how delicate, accompany her to disperse fear;Here, I started nothing.,I don’t understand why she can see her fear.,Then become the found to hidden in the appearance。
When the consultant Yuan gave the ring to her,Clearly bring a ring with a ring,With her repair and rings at the time,Unmanned, she。Bumbles will be made to clean up the spark of the devil.,I found out that the right reason why the right reason was passed down.——However, even if you want to find a volts,In that kind of dangerous、Situation,It is better to go all over the world.。
She didn’t take it.。
This reason is never thought,There is no empty。

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