But in Chen Xiu’s ears,Every sound,All well organized,He can listen at the same time,You can just listen to one。

Listened to the conversation,He has a new understanding of Tianwu Dojo:“The Tianwu Dojo is so awesome,Fortunately, I didn’t have any impulse,Blatantly kill Duan Junjian。
But then again,Tianwu Dojo is so awesome,There must be a lot of cheats and combat skills,It would be a good choice if I really did the training of Tianwu Dojo。”
A conversation,Aroused Chen Xiu’s interest,Because the other party mentioned his name in the conversation。
“I don’t know that it is Chen Xiu?”
Chen Xiu couldn’t help being taken aback:“Chen Xiu in this population has the same name and surname as me,Still refer to me?How does he know me?”
Just listen to another voice:
“Chen Xiu’s name is calling my ears these days,It is rumored that he defeated the masters of the innate realm with the first-class realm.,I don’t know if it is true or not?”
“Must be fake!There is a big difference between the first-class master and the innate state,I’m afraid I can’t catch a trick,How could it take a hundred tricks!”
“Not always,Many of our top ten masters in Baiyun City’s list can leapfrog and kill people.。”
“Pooh,One who doesn’t know where to come,Also worthy of being on par with the top players!”
“I don’t know if it can be compared,But I heard people talk about Chen Xiu and Liao Ying standing together,Speak with nose and eyes,Should not be false。”
Everyone in the audience talked here,Chen Xiu was immediately proud:“Turns out it really meant me,Turns out I’m so dead in Baiyun City。In this way,No one would doubt that I am not from this continent!”
He just won’t be happy soon,Just listen to another voice:
“I don’t know if Chen Xiu has no real skills,But he became famous overnight,Really enviable!”
1167 Tianbangdibang

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