“Humph!”Ruined and cold,

In peace of mind:This Wang Tianmu is not far away from Chongqing from Chongqing.,Looking back, if you admit yourself is a fake rebellion,Then you will definitely also,But look at this meaning of Wang Tianmu will not,Because he is also a big risk.,It can be said that he has already placed the life and death.。
Still Song Jian driving,Rui Rui sitting on the back seat,Tang Rui asked:“Big brother,what happened?”
“The first killer of the military, Chen Guan, this time, it means to be out.,We are also careful,Don’t hit their muzzle。”Ritual,
“Big brother,Do not worry,Have our brothers are guaranteed that you are fine.。”
Song Jian is safe and returned to the long pool.,Gu Junru went up and reported:“curator,This morning, I was killed in the public rental.,Director of the Police Department of the Ministry of Work Department is also dangerous.。”
“It is also a military killer?”
“The technique is the same as yesterday.,All are running。”
“He brought it to the search to search for the clue.。”
“Is there anything else??”
“There is nothing else.。”
“Then you are busy.。”
Song Jian and Tang Rui followed Rui Rui to the office,Ask:“curator,Do you need to do something??”
“You have two people who take people.,It is best to see the Police Director.,Ask him what is going on。”
Song Jian and Tang Rui left,In the heart of the heart:Chen Gong,What you are stimulated?!
Such assassination actually is actually very unbearable,Especially as long as it is a military uniform, it is a target.,The consequence of this is that the cultivation of military specialists who have trained for many years will also lose a lot.,This is not worth it.。
Just like 锐 料,There are news from the news,Because the devil is prepared,As long as the military killer appears, it will be chased by the special agent headquarters and the Japanese military.,Although it has killed many Japanese military officers and men,But the military Shanghai station also lost a lot of people.。
And these are unable to stop,Because he doesn’t contact Chen Gong.,So I can only look at Chen Guan and continue to revenge with Shanghai.,Especially Xu Shouxin,Zhou Xiang Liang and Yu Yanzhi were sent to the sacrifice。
“How did it suddenly have more than so many military killers?!?”Shaozuo Zhao strangely asked several person in charge of finding。
“General,According to the identity of the military killer identity,I found that many of them have formal work in Shanghai.,Even people have families,It seems that it is a military agent who has hidden.,This time, Chen Gong woke up.。”Fujiyu Fuzhi,
“Wake up the tens of the special agent to hike to assassinate some soldiers??”Shado Zi Zhao has some questions,
“It is currently the situation that looks like the surface.。”
“Long pool,What do you think?”
“General,I also think this Chen Gong seems to be a behavior that I have suffered.,I feel this is a good thing.,This lets us know the true strength of the military Shanghai station.。”Ritual,
“indeed,Then, a few agency teamed up to make a big cleaning.!”
The next half-month Shanghai is completely horrified,However, after the whole city, the collection is not caught in several military agent.,Later, I only knew that Chen Gong was transferred from Shanghai.,The current Shanghai station is not known to replace it.。
Qi Rui guess is that Dai boss does not agree with Chen Guan’s retaliation,Because now he has already checked,Yu Yanzhi by the living sacrifice is the captain of the fifth action brigade of the military Shanghai station.,Xu Shouxin is Shanghai Station Telecommunications Examination,Zhou Xiang is also a backbone personnel。
NS513chapter Deputy Director of Ming
Rui Rui gets the news,The radio station of the military Shanghai station is in a silent state.,After the big search, the military specializer has also launched a lot.,The jellyfish assassination group did not act because it got a loose order。
January 24, 1940,Rui Rui, invited to participate in the Special Commission Shanghai Division,He saw the Minglou and Sincere in the wine,They are exactly the same as the camouflage.,What is the accident is that Gu Xiaomei is also attended the wine.。
“teacher!”Wang Manchun also wears a gorgeous dress,Hot hairstyle,The temperament looks grace and elegant。
“Director Wang also came.!”I am very unfortunately in the heart of such a beautiful Wang Manchun.,With her ability, if the country is effective,Strength is definitely not bad than anyone,Unfortunately, she is proud of the traitor.。
Wang Munchong is only a long history,ask:“How did the teacher have not take Ya Ms??”

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