If some choose,Night will definitely use his hair without hesitation,To exchange Qi Yu’s strength。

I have a good point,I haven’t died.。
“Night,Would you like you like me?,Give your hair shaved,This may become as strong as me.。”
Lost Qi Yu suddenly turned,Looking at the night, a thick dark green shred。A name“envy”Resentment from Qi Yu’s backwards。
“Roll rough!You want to lie to Laozi to make a bald head,Even if I am as bald as you,Will not become strong。”
Qi Yu’s sinister heart,Night, I know that。Not afraid,The original value is inferior,Now he is bald,The value is even more dropped out of the average。
If the two will go out together,The sister is attracted by the night.,And Qi Yu can only be green leaves.。
“Don’t say this?,You don’t try it.,How can I know that it is not??”
Qi Yu does not die, holding a scissors,I have to start with the hair of the night.。
Night, naturally, it also chose to resist,But Naihe Qiyu now strength,Already fully crushed。Whether it is speed or strength,Night is not the opponent of Qi Yu。
“If you dare to launch your hands on my head,I will take back my living funds.。”
have no choice,Facing Shanyu’s overlord hard,Night can only use killers。
In addition to hair,The economy is really the second door of Qi Yu。Take out in the night“money”Threat,Qi Yu really can only choose to stop。
no way,Who makes the night have money?,Money is the uncle,This sentence is practical, no matter where it is。
“Don’t worry,Some sisters are also preadacked.,Didn’t introduce you to you next time。”
Seeing Qi Yu and lost to the corner loop circle,Night can only comfort。
Although he has money,But Qi Yu is a thigh.。I have to hold my thighs yourself.,The friendly relationship between two people is required。
Hour,Distance to Qi Ji Bad Time,I have passed a year and a half,That is, Qi Yu has always insisted for three years.。
Until Qi Jade feels that he has already arrived in the bottleneck,When it is impossible to change,He stopped exercise。
During this time,Night is also occasionally received the mission released by hero system,Kill some geeks while,got“Pumping opportunity”。
But it seems to have drawn a blast of swords before,Night, a breath, overdoked its own European,Summary,Even a little bit of things is not。
I don’t even say junk people.,Even a character card can’t be drawn,Both a water props card,And it is no ovulation。
During the period, even“Early seedlings”,Poisonous,Almost let Qi Yu’s first world of the world
Chapter VII Lying“Vaccine”
And because the night and Qi Yu are unemployed.,Every day, add a game,Something is too lazy。
They finally faced history,Most crisis big problem,That is,them“No money”!
Yes,Brought out before night,Featful one of him to squander for ten years,Just three years, two people have been completed.。
“Qi Yu,I blame you this guy too much.。Since you are bald,It’s a meal bucket,Now finish the activity funds。”
Night looked at the only change in your pocket,Checked the amazing meal of Qi Jade。
Since Qi Yu breaks its own“Limiter”since,Simply“Big stomach king”The more far from the road。
But think about it.,Great strength,Consumption will change,It is also normal things。After all, the rule of energy is still observed.。
“Night, you are still not the same,Buy a new game,The money is so fast.,You have a pot of half。”
The bald head is not full of night.,Refers to a big pile of games。
“what,Your guy is not less than me.!”
Say,Night, I’m hitting with Qi Yu twice.,Such interaction,It is now daily for them.。
“Night,It’s almost six o’clock.,In other words, the discount promotion of the supermarket begins.。”
“Depend on,Then you don’t say solely.,Go late,I was robbed by those big moms.。”
Hear the reminder of Qi Yu,Night 哉 马 一 激 激 激,Make up the tackle is ready to go out。
Poor night is still a big master,Since I live with Qi Yuxi,He has fallen。
Now it is actually fallen every day.,To grab the supermarket discount promotion with Qi Yu。

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