“how,Are you dumb??

I talk, why don’t you answer??
I ask you that you are ignorant.?”
Women’s hands chest,The momentum is more arrogant than just。
Blue Xin’s face is still calmless,Look at the woman,“blind,Who do you say??”
“The blind man said you?。”
Woman answers this,Faceless。
Obviously by the Blue Xin routine。
Blue Xinye sharp:“You are really blind,Obviously, your room came out and hit me.,Instead, I hit you.,I see that you are not only。”
What is a category,She finally understood。
Yun An is a person,The friends around me are the same。
“Humph!You are not small,Do you know who I am?
Dare to call me,I will make you can’t mix in this river.,Do you believe?”
A woman is proud,Just like this river is her family.。
“Call with me,I let you regret born in this world.。”
The woman has added a sentence.。
Blue and blue laugh:“Not bad,Mad,You are the head of the city.。”
Women smile,Proudly announced,“You are still right,I am the first of Jiangyou City.。”
Women looked at Blue Xin,A popular pink coat in the season,Hair disk,White clear makeup,Just like a fairy that is messenger。
This woman can be beautiful.!I won’t feel amazing at a glance.,Can be seen,That exquisite facial features,Evil’s breath。
She frightened her eyes,She is most hateful than her beautiful woman。
Blue Xin smiled and nodded:“Indeed with rampant capital,But it is really unexpected,I heard that the first daughter in Jiangyou is a lady lady.,Today,It turned out to be a shrew,It’s really a big mistake。”
She is not afraid of power,Never want to be wronged because of the power。
How is Jiangshi City,As long as she is honored。
“you”The woman’s face is ugly to the extreme。
This woman is really unknown,Know your identity, I have to let go.。
Yun’an did not expect,Blue Xin will boldly。
City, the first, Hao Peng, must be given three points,Lu Haocheng is stationed here.,It is also to be the city.,This blue is really arrogant。
“Lady,I advise you to know a little bit.,Apologize to Lolo Road,Everyone is also good people.。”
Yun’an shallowly smiles。
But a blissful look at Blue Xin。
She knows that Blue Xin is here.,Deliberate with Xiao Luo。
This woman is much more expensive than Blue Xin.。
You can step on Blue Xin,Let her unable to be crazy。

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