“Mother adult”Feather and Yun Village come to Hui Night。

Hui night nodded,However, she looked at the eyes of the two.。
“Yu Village,Can your eyes also evolve into the eyes?”Spring asked。
“sure,Just use the giant reincarnation to change my nature of my eyes.”Yu Village said with a smile。
The power of the coastal wood is too simple.,As long as there is a certain will,Their strength will be quickly enhanced。
However, the life planet they find is too small.,I want to get enough, my own will, very difficult。
The universe is almost millions of light years,Even if they have space transfer capabilities,You can reach infinity in an instant。
But in the face of the universe is not enough.。
Once Chakra consumables,They haven’t returned the hope.。
So they generally bring small ten tails.,This will be planted in this suitable planet.。
Absorb energy,Provide them in Chakra。
If you collect enough, you will continue to advance.。
Then until you find the right planet,Less than the people of the family,Activate ten tails。
This requires a considerable time,If you don’t have good luck, you can’t find it.。
Let them return。
According to Hui Night,It is still quite distant from the planet of the coastal wood.。
There is also a small ten tail along the way.,Provide Chakra for Cotta Wood。
“correct,After that, the nun is integrated into the future.,Can he also master space capabilities?”Spring asked。
Naruto does not have a special eye,This is really hard to say。
“OK,Just don’t have a strong eye,I originally went to the big cylinder home in this way.,A certain control capabilities that have automatically have certain space after blending the future will,Just no other special ability,Open the space door or you can do it.”
Yu Village said。
Spring is remembered,Yun Village is to go to the planet of the big tube.。
And he is also a blend of the original source.,This is different from the feather。
But he is finally in a long time.,Give up your body。
May also be because of the feather,Feather body decay,He is not willing to live alone。
Then two people ready to reincarnate,A collection of souls,That is to confront to fight the cachets that may appear afterwards。
However, it is apparent that they want to have special characters in the future generations.。
Especially two children,So will make them constantly reincarnation。
But in the original, they are only separated from the seal in the night.,The feathers have already appeared once。
Long-lasting years,Let them see too much of things change。
The emergence of Naruto and Sasukes let them pin up on them.。
Maybe when there is no major problem,They will not appear again.。
But now there is a sprougager.,Directly broke their existence。
Otherwise they are still ready to continue hiding。

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