“Hello your interest,then。。。。”What is the length of the family?,The sound came outside。

“who are you,Don’t go in,Let go of me。。。。”
猿 猿 日,But I thought about it.,So loudly:“Let them come in”。
Ethnicity is also a heartbeat,But two small figures have come in。
“Grandfather,How do you have two ninjas outside?,And I also saw a lot of ninja in other places.,I heard that I will recruit students from Ninja School.”
Spring came in and found unusual,How is it in the day?,I have never seen the ninja that is going out.。
Therefore, Quan Wei will take the identity of his child and try to break into the two bear.。
“you。。。。”The grunge of the ethnicity is ugly to the sky。
“Have children?,do not get excited,What is your name?。”猿 猿 日 日 眯 眯 钰 钰。
“My name is Spring,Are you a nigner??”Spring said,But the eyes are not turning around,Everything is something unusual,Quan Wei decided to install a wave。
And the family looks at the expression of the spring,It is good and funny.,Why don’t he know how Quanhao usually?!
“Ha ha,I am just a shadow.。”
I came to Spring.,I took a slap in the shoulders of the spring.。

“好了,泉钰你和雄健先出去,我和火影大人还有事要谈。”Trouble is,Some helplessness,Just think about them.。
“knew,Grandfather”The Quan Yue is pulling the two bear and runs out.。

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