“problem?”Some doubts。

For Quanyi, knowing that Naruto has cultivated into Xianke,The apeer is not surprising。
But what he said is what is the problem??
It seems that you have to find a chance to ask yourself.。
“I will talk to people.,but。。。。”
Naruto is a column,She is afraid that the three generations will oppose。
Sasukes on one side also moved,Then I left the spring and left here.。
“it’s OK,The problem should not be large,You can’t just”Spring said。
Miao Mountain’s Xianke should be just soft control,Short-term, there should be no problem。
If the group dares to make a demon,He will let them know the consequences。
Chapter two Disappeared eye
Big Snake Base。
“Is the investigation clear?”Yuxi Boli is sitting on a stone chair asked。
“The investigation is clear,His base should be on the sky of the country,Quan Wei leaves,I found a lot of flight devices in the country of Tie.”Prostitute。
“No wonder,We can’t find his position.,It turned out to be in heaven”Take the earth。
“Don’t use it,I am afraid he died.,I have mastered a strange force.”Faintly said。
The origin of the souvenir has not checked,And he dies and resurrect,This is too special.。
after that,With the territory they want to kill the spring, they are not so simple.。
“Now we are still bad,Tail,There is also a nine tail of Chakra without collecting.,How is your next preparation?”Tailored。
“Do not,Part of the body, some of the body, I can find”Laughter。
“Oh,Is the three ends not in the hands of the spring?”Spouse。
“hehe,The three tails in his hands have a little eye.”Laughter。
“It turned out to be like this”Nodding。
“How to do that tail and nine tail”With soil frowning。
“If it is just a part of Chakra,I have a way”The big snake pills have not been said.。
“Oh”Spotted eyes bright。
“Culture pylindo,It has a part of the tail beast,I don’t know enough enough.”Big snake pill smiling and said。
They have previously reincarnated people from spring.,And the big snake pill also discovered that they had a certain thing of the beast Chakra.。
The strength of the Quan Wei is indeed horrified.,And his relationship with Spring is not harmonious.。
If the spot is lost,I may escape the chasing of Spring.。
So the demand for the spot, he tries to provide,Although he doesn’t know why they want to collect Qiwei beast。

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